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Explore several destinations on multi-stop tours

If you often find yourself bored staying in the same place all vacation long, maybe you should try out a multi-stop tour. Whether you're just heading into a neighboring state or checking out several European cities, we've got all the best advice for a stellar tour.


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Classic Multi-Stop Tours

Some countries and regions are particularly popular with tour experts. The following destinations are well-suited for backpackers and those planning their own travel:

1. See a slice of Thailand on a week-long road trip

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for a multi-stop tour, and you should plan to stay at least one week. Start at the Phuket airport and travel along the west coast to Khao Lak. Explore the Khao Sok National Park with its diverse wildlife and then strike out the next day for the small town of Kuraburi. After that, head up north to Ranong, right on the Indian Ocean, followed by  Chumphon, the "Gateway to the South" with its picturesque sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. Then continue along the east coast to your second-to-last destination, Surat Thani, stopping along the way to pay a visit to Phra Borom That Chaiya with its Buddhist relics.

The final stop of your journey will be Krabi, where you can explore the Tiger's Cave Temple or take tours of the surrounding area, for example the nearby Noppharat Thara Beach. Then just hop on a plane from Krabi Airport to make your way home.

2. Cambodian road trip—more than just Angkor Wat

Cambodia is another multi-stop tour hotspot in Southeast Asia. Although you should not miss something as impressive as Angkor Wat, Cambodia has much more to offer. If you want to get to know the country at a relaxed pace, you should set aside at least two weeks. Angkor Wat itself is worth at least three days.

Shorter routes usually focus on Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Phnom Penh, and the seaside town of Sihanoukville. But there is so much more to discover in Cambodia. For example, a longer tour will allow for extended boat trips on the huge lake Tonle Sap, trips to smaller towns such as Kampot and Battambang, and excursions to the offshore island of Koh Rong.

3. A tour of Iceland - a tour of the trend destination

A tour through Iceland will impress anyone with its wild nature and imposing rock formations. Be sure to pack waterproof clothes and layers for a trip to the north of the island—the temperature in Iceland can change drastically on a moments notice. For an unforgettable trip, rent a car or campervan and follow the 1300 kilometer long road around the island, which will take you over the whole country. Book hotels along the way and in the capital of Reykjavik early because the island attracts many adventure tourists, especially in the summer months. It should comes as no surprise—Iceland is home to natural wonders that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Our pirate tip: Do not miss a trip to Strokkur. This geyser sprays a flume of water vapor into the air at several-minute intervals.

4. A road trip through Sweden—fantastic nature

Many people dream of vacationing in Sweden to see the breathtaking landscapes, untouched nature, and bustling cities. What better way to explore this beautiful country than a self-planned tour? 

While it's possible to use buses to get around Sweden, you'll be more comfortable and have more flexibility renting a car. 

Cheap multi-stop tours 

Feeling low on cash? No problem, because a multi-stop tour does not necessarily have to cost loads of money. Certain regions are ideal for a trip as well as being low cost.

1. Cheap trips through Slovenia—a true adventure

Slovenia is not only very cheap, but still relatively unknown as a vacation destination. In Slovenia you can hit the ski slopes of the Alps and then drive a few hours for a relaxing afternoon at the beach. Travel by train to the capital, Ljubljana, and start your tour from there. The following are the best sights to put on your itinerary: Lake Bohinj, Bovec, and Kobarid on the so-called Emerald Route, Rinka Waterfall and the Škocjan Caves in Škocjan.

2. Cheap trips through the untouched nature of the Baltics 

The Baltic States consist of the small countries Estonia, Lithuania,and Latvia. Untouched nature and beautiful medieval cities with modern culture await you here—and at reasonable prices!

3. A budget road trip through Mexico

Head for Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, by plane or car. The country offers many destinations for exciting explorations. Immerse yourself in the world of the Mayas in Palenque, dance to popular mariachi music in the metropolis of Guadalajara, or treat yourself to some peace and quiet at the 20-kilometer-long Cancun beach.

Mexico is used to droves of tourists, making it is easy to find cheap accommodations for the night. There are plenty of hostels, but keep an eye out for cheap guest houses, or "hostals".

4. Bulgaria—cheap trips on the coast of the Black Sea

On your trip through Bulgaria, you will get to know the picturesque coast of the Black Sea. Plan to spend several days in the capital, Sofia, where you can soak up the charm of the old town. The famous churches are also worth a visit, after which you can take a tour of the Rila Mountains and get boozy on the party beaches. Winter sports fans should plan for a stopover of a couple days in Bansko during the cold season to try out the slopes here.

5. Sardinia—A Caribbean feeling in Europe (at great prices)

Sardinia, a dream island with an Italian sensibility but its own unique flair, is particularly cheap in the off season! In "the Caribbean of Europe", you can get a cheap rental car, allowing you to discover countless secluded coves, cliffs, small mountains, beautiful beaches, and picturesque villages.

6. Trip through Albania—discover beautiful landscapes

A tour through Albania is perfect for travelers who want a mix of cities and nature. You'll be hard-pressed to find another European country with such a  marked contrast between city and countryside as Albania. Albania offers you beautiful lakes and mountains as well as Ottoman architecture and dreamy villages.

7. Romania—walk in the footsteps of Darcula 

Lively cities, great beaches, and the history of Count Dracula await you in Romania. In addition, the country is extremely cheap and flights from within Europe won't run you much. 

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