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Great Offers for Your Caribbean Vacation

Vacation Paradise in the Caribbean: The Dream of a Turquoise Sea and Endless Beaches

Are you ready for vacation and longing for a break on endless, lonely beaches, would you like to visit pretty little colonial towns or discover exotic animals and plants in the tropical rainforest? Then a  Caribbean vacation is just right for you! The Bahamas, Barbados, Curaçao, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic  - it's destinations like these that make the Caribbean a vacationer's dream. We tell you everything you need to know about a Caribbean vacation.

The Caribbean is probably the ultimate vacation destination when you think of paradisiacal beaches and a turquoise sea. Hardly anywhere else in the world can you see so many nuances of different shades of blue in the sea and discover a huge variety of fish and corals on your diving toursVacations in the Caribbean are pure relaxation and adventure at the same time. Whether drinking a piña colada from a coconut on vacation in Jamaica or swimming with pigs on vacation in the Bahamas  - it's all possible in the Caribbean.

General Information and Tips for Caribbean Vacations

Where is the Caribbean actually located and which islands belong to it? First of all, the Caribbean is by no means only made up of the islands in the western Atlantic. This also includes parts of the Central American coast. It can be difficult to choose where exactly to go. The Caribbean Sea extends in the west from the coast of Florida over the Atlantic coast of Mexico through Belize, Panama, and Venezuela, through Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola with Haiti and the Dominican Republic to the east with the British Virgin Islands and the Lesser Antilles: Here lie the islands of Tortola, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua or Martinique – and these are just a few of the countless destinations in the Caribbean.

Although you can count on both the best weather and the best opportunities for a beach vacation throughout the Caribbean, the individual regions are sometimes very different from each other. While large parts of the western Caribbean tend to be Spanish, many islands in the eastern Caribbean belong to France or the Netherlands and have the appropriate flair.

What Makes the Caribbean So Unique?

Longing destination Caribbean: The islands and peninsulas have always been the epitome of a dream vacation. This is mainly due to the fantastic beaches: snow-white sand, coconut palms, turquoise-blue water that lures with pleasant temperatures - that's all you really need for a dream vacation by the sea. In addition, the region enjoys warm weather all year round.

A Caribbean vacation is therefore still a popular honeymoon destination. If you are also planning such a trip, you will find suitable deals for your honeymoon with us.

Vacations in the Caribbean - But Where to Go?

Countless islands and destinations - but which one should you choose? For example, you can vacation on an island and stay in one place and explore it on excursions. Or you can go island hopping. Here it is advisable to limit yourself to one region and change islands by boat or plane: You can discover the ABC islands of Aruba (more about vacations in Aruba), Bonaire and Curacao or take a tour of the Greater Antilles. We introduce you to the most beautiful and popular Caribbean destinations.

Cultural Beach Vacation in Curaçao

Vacation to Curaçao means a vacation on one of the most beautiful and interesting islands in the Caribbean. In addition to its white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea, Curaçao also has an interesting history and a varied culture. Throughout Curaçao, also known as "Little Holland," you'll notice Dutch, African, and Latin American influences, making it one of the most culturally interesting spots in the Caribbean.

The island, which is part of the ABC Islands, is a dream destination in many ways: the beaches are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean and an exciting cultural mix awaits you.

More than 50 nations have their home in Curaçao - which, by the way, belongs to the Netherlands. The capital, Willemstad, is partly reminiscent of Amsterdam and at the same time is characterized by the colonial style. An exciting mix that offers a perfect change from a beach vacation.

Curacao is the ideal destination if you want to combine seaside relaxation with a dose of urban flair. Here you will find your cheap vacation in Curaçao.

Caribbean Vacation in Cuba

Cuba is part of the Greater Antilles, along with the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. For decades it was difficult for individual tourists to travel the island. That has changed and Cuba is now an absolute trend destination. The historic old town of Havana takes you back in time:

  • Fascinating colonial buildings that, hardly renovated, have retained their original charm,

  • Classic cars, which are taken for granted in the streets, and

  • Music on every street corner

Make the capital of Cuba a great destination.

Cuba's beaches are also incomparable, where you will find countless secluded bays. Click here for our cheap deals for vacations in Cuba.


Last but not least, Jamaica is a popular destination in the Caribbean because of its good flight connections. With a direct flight you land in the middle of paradise: Jamaica awaits you with endless sandy beaches. Especially Negril in the extreme west of the island is a hotspot for divers and snorkelers and Jamaica has a unique nature to offer. Partying is also very important on the island: With rum and reggae, you can enjoy the laid-back attitude of the Jamaicans.

Our pirate tip: Among the natural highlights in Jamaica are the Dunn's River Falls near Ocho Rios and the Blue Mountain Peak, at 7,400 feet the highest mountain in Jamaica. Here you will find everything else you need to know for a trip to Jamaica!

The Dominican Republic, Caribbean Joie de Vivre

Experience pure Caribbean joie de vivre on a holiday in the Dominican Republic. Relax on the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and get to know the culture and interior of the island. In the north, there is a Mecca for kitesurfers while in the south the Caribbean Sea invites you to swim. For many Americans, a trip to the Dominican Republic is one thing above all: a vacation with a sandy beach, sun guarantee, and all-inclusive service. But the archipelago has so much more to offer.

Here you can search for deals for your vacation in the Dominican Republic!

The Butterfly Island of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe not only has dream beaches and turquoise water to offer but also culinary delights, interesting culture, and natural wonders, such as an active volcano or the largest nature reserve in the the middle of Europe! Because Guadeloupe is an overseas department of France and therefore belongs to Europe.

A vacation in Guadeloupe is therefore perfect for a Caribbean trip. Find great offers for your vacation in Guadeloupe here!

With Calypso in the Ear under the Palm Trees of Trinidad & Tobago

On the two islands that form the island state of Trinidad & Tobago, you will find not only the origins of calypso music but also an unbelievably large variety of animal and plant life. If you add picture-perfect white sandy beaches, good food, and Caribbean flair to this mix, you have a dream vacation - and in Trinidad & Tobago.

Click here for cheap deals for your Trinidad & Tobago vacation!

Dominica – Vacation Feeling As Hot As a Volcano

The island nation of Dominica is part of the Lesser Antilles and lies between Guadeloupe and Martinique. Unofficially, Dominica is also called "the nature Island" because of its flora and fauna. In terms of landscape, Dominica stands out from many Caribbean islands, because there are no white sandy beaches that are often associated with the Caribbean, but gray-black beaches that come from the volcanic formation of the island. In total there are no less than nine volcanoes on the island, countless small and large waterfalls, and dozens of hot springs in the middle of the jungle.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines - A Vacation Destination Even More Fairytale than the Name Itself

South of St. Lucia and north of Grenada is the island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As the name suggests, the country does not just consist of a single island. In addition to the main island of St Vincent, the 32 islands of the northern Grenadines also belong to the island state.

Vacation in the Diver's Paradise Bonaire

The Caribbean island of Bonaire is part of the former Netherlands Antilles and, together with its uninhabited side island Klein, Bonaire is politically part of the Netherlands. Along with Aruba and Curaçao, it is one of the so-called ABC Islands.

Bonaire has a lot to offer for the divers among you, namely an extraordinarily diverse and colorful underwater world. From Kralendijk, you can take various tours, for example, snorkeling in one of the many stalactite caves. Or you can snorkel in the Bari Reef off Kralendijk and experience the impressive wildlife with colorful fish and the many sea turtles.

Our pirate tip: Hilma Hooker, a shipwreck lying 59 feet below the surface, is of course a special highlight for us pirates.

Spicy Grenada

Grenada is also known as the Spice Island and provides a third of the world's nutmeg requirements, but cloves, cinnamon, laurel, ginger, vanilla, saffron, turmeric, black and red pepper, and cocoa also grow here. You can be sure of an impressive flora here. However, a vacation in Grenada has much more to offer because the beautiful island enchants every guest with its rainforests, mountains, volcanic lakes, rushing waterfalls, and absolute Caribbean dream beaches.

A real paradise to relax, hike, sail, experience, discover, enjoy and and and... Find your vacation in Grenada here!

Which Caribbean Islands Are There?

List of Caribbean Islands

  • Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Cuba

  • Cayman Islands

  • Dominican Republic

  • Haiti

  • Jamaica

  • Puerto Rico

  • British Virgin Islands

  • American Virgin Islands

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Anguilla

  • St. Martin

Where Can You Go on a Cheap Vacation in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean can be an expensive vacation destination if you neglect to book your vacation way in advance. With high popularity from not just US travelers but those across the globe, top luxury resorts can sky rocket in price. However, if you plan accordingly, there are some islands where you can vacation comparatively cheaply. These include:

If you want to book your Caribbean vacation as cheaply as possible, a vacation package is a good idea: flights and hotels, and sometimes tours of the islands, are included. You can save even more with a last-minute offer. Click here for our current offers for last-minute vacations!

If you prefer to set off on your own, you usually pay more for the flight, but can save on the spot: if you don’t value luxurious accommodation, you can book yourself into simple and inexpensive hotels or hostels. There are often accommodations near the beach or even directly on the beach. You should stay away from the tourist strongholds.

Cheap to the Dominican Republic

The “Dom Rep” is one of the first destinations to become a trend – complete with hefty price hikes. Nevertheless, you can also go on cheap vacations in the Dominican Republic. Package deals and last-minute trips are often available for well under $1,000 for two weeks per person. On your own, Bayahibe, for example, is an interesting place that is less touristy and where you can stay cheaply.

Jamaica: Caribbean Vacations for Resourceful Bargain Hunters

In Jamaica, it is worth booking a rental car and exploring the island. Attention: On the island, there is left-hand traffic! Jamaica offers a range of cheap hostels and guesthouses - however, there are sometimes compromises in terms of comfort. Relaxation on the beach, on the other hand, is usually free: In Jamaica, you will find countless public beaches that have earned the title "dream destination ".

Our pirate tip: Book your rental car for Jamaica from the US and make sure that you have insurance with you. If you only take care of it after arrival, it can be much more expensive and insurance is often not included.

Caribbean Vacation with Kids

Children love the beach and the sea - the Caribbean is one of the best destinations for a family vacation, despite the flights. Some destinations are particularly suitable for a vacation in the Caribbean with children:

Find great offers for your family vacation here!

The Bahamas and the Swimming Pigs

Can pigs swim? In the Bahamas, they do nothing better than that. In any case, your kids will be amazed at Pig Beach. On the small island, which can be reached by plane or boat, little pigs frolic in the water and you can join them. In the Bahamas, you will also find plenty of family-friendly hotels, such as The Ocean Club with a children 's pool, a gently sloping beach, and a water slide park around the corner.

Whale Watching off Dominica

In the Eastern Caribbean from November to February you have the opportunity to watch humpback and minke whales, orcas, and dolphins as they give birth off the island. This will not only amaze your kids, but you will also have unforgettable views - and will rave about the Caribbean trip for a long time to come.

Pirate Adventures on St. Lucia

The mini island of Pigeon Island is connected to St. Lucia via a boardwalk. The ruins of a fort and a fortress are reminiscent of the former pirate hideout. In an exciting museum, you can take a journey into the adventurous past of the island - including pirate action.

The Best Travel Time for the Caribbean

While it is getting cold and gray in various parts of the US, it is high season in the Caribbean: Between the end of November and the end of March, the entire region has a largely dry climate with few rainy days and temperatures of around 86 degrees.

The hurricane season begins in May, during which strong storms and heavy rainfall can be expected. During this period, a trip to the Caribbean is not recommended.

Accommodations in the Caribbean

On the Caribbean islands, you will find a number of high-quality beachfront hotels, including countless all-inclusive accommodations, where nothing is missing. If you have a sufficient budget, you can also rent a bungalow directly on the beach on many islands for your Caribbean vacation – however, these are often fully booked well in advance.

On all islands and on the Central American Caribbean coast you can expect not only dreamy beaches but also lots of adventures in and on the water as well as exotic nature, endless waterfalls, and fascinating mountain landscapes. This makes the Caribbean an absolute dream destination for anyone looking for relaxation and action in an enchanting landscape.

Caribbean Cruises through the Caribbean

Arguably the best way to see as much of the Caribbean as possible is on a cruise. It takes you to several islands, depending on the route in the west or east, as well as to the Caribbean coasts of Central America. And you always have your hotel with you on a Caribbean cruise. If you want to visit a few islands on your own, flight connections are the best option. There are also some ferry connections in the Caribbean. For example, you can explore the British Virgin Islands by boat.