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The Best Places to Visit in November: Where to Travel This Fall

What could be nicer than a really good vacation in November? Nearly nothing! November usually brings you tons of great destinations to consider for your winter getaway. While it's cold, gray, and even snowy in certain parts of the states, destinations in Asia lure with sun, sand, and sea, as do Australia and the  Caribbean. Even unusual city trips like Los Angeles are actually good for a vacation in November.

We went on a search and will tell you about our top destinations in November. Let's go, let's go, and above all let's go with our travel calendar!

Beach Vacations

Who said you couldn't lie in the sun in November, trade rain and fog for a picture-perfect sandy beach, and relax under palm trees? Probably nobody, but today we want to show you once again the possibilities for a beach vacation in November, even during the Corona pandemic.

We're sending you on a break from all the upcoming holiday madness so that you can relax well and with salt water in your hair wintertime can start. Feet up and forth with the cocktail, a beach vacation in November awaits you.

We have put together our top travel destinations for a beach vacation in November for you!

Our TOP FIVE Beach Destinations in November at a Glance


🌡 80°F air temperature

🌊 77°F water temperature

☀️ 7 hours a day

🌦 7 rainy days / 68 mm


🌡 84° F air temperature

🌊 80°F water temperature

☀️ 7 hours a day

🌦 3 rainy days / 6 mm


🌡 77° F air temperature

🌊 70°F water temperature

☀️ 8 hours a day

🌦 0 rainy days

Canary Islands

(Example: Fuerteventura)

🌡 77°F air temperature

🌊 70°F water temperature

☀️ 6 hours a day

🌦 5 rainy days / 10 mm


🌡 87°F air temperature

🌊 82°F water temperature

☀️ 7 hours a day

🌦 16 rainy days / 174 mm

City Trips in November

It doesn't matter whether it's just for two, three days or maybe a whole week, city breaks are always a good idea and bring variety to everyday life. You can not only switch off and discover new things, but with a bit of luck you can even soak up some sun in November because we can still find one or the other spot in North America that can score with sun and warm temperatures. While there may not be a far-flung city to discover this November, there are plenty of options for a city trip. So let's go on a city trip in November.

City Trip to Los Angeles: The City of Angels is Calling

Hollywood, Venice Beach, and plenty of palm trees abound in beautiful California and the best thing about the West Coast is that in November temperatures can still climb to the 75 degrees mark and there's a whopping eight hours of sun for everyone. From glitz and glamor to laid-back surfer style, Los Angeles has it all.

Climate Table for Los Angeles

🌡 75°F air temperature

☀️ 8 hours a day

🌦 3 rainy days

Travel Tips for Los Angeles

Melrose Place, made famous by the series of the same name, has become an area for young creatives with lots of cute shops and cafes. In the Moon Juice, you will find hip & juicy refreshments in between, such as fresh ginger lemon juice. Or you can embark on a tour of the most famous film studios in the world, the Paramount Pictures Tour.

City Trip to Berlin: Christmas Markets in Germany's Capital

Berlin has become increasingly popular this past year with its newly built airport Brandenburg being a hub for transatlantic budget airlines PLAY Air and Norse who fly at an amazing rate. The city has such a unique history which has shaped its open, free, and alternative culture in the present day. Berlin is also known for hosting some spectacular traditional German markets during Christmas time.

Climate Table for Berlin

🌡 46°F air temperature

☀️ 5 hours a day

🌦 8 rainy days

Travel Tips for Berlin

Berlin stands for versatility, freedom, cultural diversity and tolerance . Berlin is crazy, international, known worldwide for its club scene and its Spätis . Above all, Berlin is something different for everyone. Explore all the historical landmarks that this city has to offer. Rich with history from the early 20th century.

City Trip to Monaco: On First Name Terms with the Rich and Beautiful

Have you always wanted to take a look at the world of the rich and famous? Then Monaco and the Côte d'Azur in particular is the right place for you. Here, winding streets and a mountainous coast meet luxury cars like Lamborghini, Porsche and Co. The best thing about the whole thing? Within 20 minutes you are in Nice.

Climate Table for Monaco

🌡 62°F air temperature

☀️ 5 hours a day

🌦 9 rainy days

Travel Tips for Monaco

The best view of the port full of luxury yachts is from Casino Montecarlo. Behind the casino, a path leads through a small garden to a viewing platform on the cliffs, which offers a great panoramic view. In the Jardin Exotique you can venture down into the 60 meter deep Grotte de l'Observatoire.

City Trip to Cape Town: Mother City is Calling

In November we're also sending you on a city break to Mother City, a nickname given Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa and lies at the foot of the famous Table Mountain. Here you can hike, relax on the beach with penguins (yep, you read that right) or discover the city.

Climate Table for Cape Town

🌡 78°F air temperature

🌦 7 rainy days

Cape Town Travel Tips

In the hippie district of Woodstock, you should visit the great street food market "Old Biscuit Mill ". If you want to learn something about the culture of Cape Town, you cannot avoid the former slave district of Boo-Kap. Here you will find, among other things, the world-famous colorful wooden huts, which are lined up to form a colorful rainbow.

Where Are We Traveling in November?

We're always on the move and we love nothing more than exploring new destinations. We sat down with one of our editors, Carmen Morion Castilla, to find out where she's traveling this November. Read on for her top tips on how to make the most of your trip, travel hacks, and where she's headed this fall.

How To Travel Like a Pirate! An Interview with Carmen Morion Castilla

Can you tell us a little about what you do at TravelPirates?

I'm a content editor and deal hunter. My job is to make it easy, enjoyable, and affordable for people to travel. My job is also to motivate potential travelers, inspire them, and ease the whole travel search and organization process for them.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I originally come from Cadiz, Spain. After I studied in Ireland during my fifth year of high school, a whole new world opened up for me. I realized, traveling, getting to know different people, and basically getting out of my comfort zone made me grow as a person, and I wanted more. I started a degree in Business Administration in Seville but thanks to some academic merits-based scholarship, I was able to study two semesters in Germany, one in Canada, and one in Madrid. After getting some work experience in the marketing department of a hotel headquarters, I headed to Germany to improve my German. Once there, I found a job in the travel industry, which led me to stay there for over 3 years. After having lived outside Spain for over six years, I felt homesick and started to look for options to continue to develop myself professionally in Spain I am!

How many countries have you visited?


What is your favorite place you’ve traveled so far and why?

Hong Kong. It was the most random and unplanned travel ever. We decided to go somewhere in two weeks and found cheap flights to HK. Since my passport was expiring in 5 months, we could not visit anywhere else in China, we needed to stay in HK province. It turned out that Chinese New Year was the first week we were there. It was just an amazing experience, we were able to participate in the local traditions, and we discovered many beautiful isolated places in HK like paradise beaches and traditional fishing towns..

Where are you traveling in November?

I’m going to Florida because I have a friend living in Tampa who I've been meaning to visit for over 5 years! I will be there with my boyfriend for 10 days. We will arrive in Orlando and my friends will pick us up and take us to Tampa, where we will spend two days before flying to Key West together. We will spend two nights there, then take a road trip through the Florida Keys on our way to Miami, where we will spend one or two nights. Then it's Tampa to celebrate Thanksgiving with my friends. The day after, we will buy a huge suitcase to fill on Black Friday. For the last 3 days, my friends will show us around, and we will probably explore Orlando a bit more.

What are 3 tips you have for someone looking to plan a vacation on a budget?

1. Book either with far in advance or at the last minute (or just use TravelPirates!)

2. If possible, pay with cash instead of a credit card. It helps not to lose track of what you are actually spending.

3. Avoid eating right in the city center, where the most touristy places are, and instead look for somewhere that caters to locals.

What are the most underrated travel destinations?

The Moselle Valley in Germany, Gibraltar, Iran, and Madagascar.

What song/album/artist gets you in the mood to travel?

Lonely Traveler by A. Blue

Some people like to plan everything down to the tiniest detail when they travel, and some prefer to be completely spontaneous. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

I tend to plan everything but thankfully, don't stress out if we change plans at the last minute or cancel them altogether. I think it is good to do research and get the big picture of what you are going to find, and to define you priorities. However, you will just truly see what there is, once you are there. That's why it's normal and perfectly fine to change plans or even to decide not to do anything for a day, and instead just hang around and enjoy the city like a local.

You’ve been gifted an all-expenses-paid trip anywhere in the world–where do you go?

I'd go to the Bahamas to swim with the wild pigs.

What were your most memorable/unique travel experiences?

Going dog sledding in the Rocky Mountains in Canada & spending Chinese New Year in China.

What kind of trip/destination would you recommend for someone who has never traveled outside the US?

I would recommend that they travel in Europe. I think it's interesting for someone who has never left the US to see so many different countries, so close to each other but still so different, with their own customs, architecture, languages, etc.

Fill in the blank: When I travel to a new city, the first thing I like to do is ___________________

Find out what the typical food is and try it.

Fill in the blank: When I discovered ________________ it made travel so much better


Fill in the blank: I know a lot of people love ______________ when traveling, but I hate it.

Going on guided bus tours.

What was your longest trip?

10 days in Hong Kong.

What was your shortest trip?

A road trip from Saturday to Sunday, traveling from Düsseldorf to Luxemburg, passing by a few a few cute towns in Germany, and sleeping over in the Netherlands.

Tell us about a time when you felt like a pirate on your travels.

Well, once I went to Amsterdam with two friends. Once we got there, we realized we had been scammed with the house where we were supposed to stay in. We found ourselves, three people, in Amsterdam at midnight with our suitcases and nowhere to sleep and found some random hostal with a big poster on the door saying “Free Room”. The receptionist/owner slept on the sofa in the hall, in his underwear, with his cat. We squeezed in a super tiny room with 1 bed, where I saw a mouse.

Anyhow, we took it all with good humor. The receptionist/owner turned out to be super nice, the hotel was right in the city center, we spent very little money, and we had lots of fun and laughed a lot throughout the trip.