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Deals on Flights & Vacations Departing New York

New Yorker Deals: Travel for Folks in & around New York City

New York, New York—a city so nice, they named it twice. If you're one of the lucky ones to live in this land of opportunity, you'll quickly notice how greatly connected you are to the rest of the world. JFK is the largest port of entry for international arrivals to the US. In New York, you'll find the most affordable flights to Europe, the rest of the US, and beyond. Below, we've compiled the best flight deals out of New York and the perfect weekend trips that you can take outside of the city. We've also added the best vacation deals and luxe hotel deals for a bargain.

Home to the busiest airport system in the US, and the second busiest in the world! The New York Metropolitan Aviation region consists of six commercial airports. Two of which are major commercial airports—John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and LaGuardia Airport (LGA). Other smaller commercial airports include Stewart International Airport (SWF), Trenton–Mercer Airport (TTN), and Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP). New York is often the first port of entry to the US with many international flights available at competitive prices.

Newark International Airport (EWR) in New Jersey is another great choice for international flights. It was once a part of NY's Metropolitan Aviation Region, but recent changes have taken it off the list, meaning when searching flights out of Newark, you need to manually type in EWR, rather than searching under the NYC code.

The Best Weekend Trips from the NYC Metropolitan Area

Escape the hustle and bustle of New York City and venture away for a long weekend to the following locations. These spots are within easy reach of the city and offer a splendid weekend getaway for groups, couples, or families, alike.

Hudson Valley

A historical region that held famous battles during the US Revolution, the Hudson Valley region offers many monuments and museums going over this significant time in American history. Hiking trails, river cruises, and vineyards can be found here. In the fall, this region has stunning peak foliage and incredible orchards.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

A less than two-hour drive from New York, or alternatively a two-hour train ride with Amtrak. Operating every two hours, grab the train from Penn Station. Tickets cost roughly $29 - $45 one way.

The Hamptons

Located on the east end of Long Island, you'll find the Hamptons. Home to some of the US's most affluent figures, this region offers luxury vineyards, beautiful beaches, and plenty of watersport activities. If you're lucky, you may even spot a few celebrities during your visit.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

An hour-and-a-half to two-hour drive from Manhattan, there are many transport options from the city. With frequent MTA or LIRR train routes (around $50 to $80 round trip) or coach buses available (~$30 one way).

The Catskills

A Mountainous region connected to the Appalachian Trail in Southeast New York State, the Catskills offer great hiking and ski trails and phenomenal fall foliage. Located right next to Hudson Valley, it's worth visiting both areas in one trip.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

Under a three-hour drive from New York City or a bit over a three-hour bus ride, you can connect to the Catskills easily. Bus journeys will cost you roughly $30 each way.

The Adirondacks

Venturing a bit further from the city to upstate New York, visit the Adirondack mountain range. The Adirondacks encircle several large lakes, such as Lake Champlain, Lake George, and Lake Placid. The Adirondacks offer prime ski resorts in the winter or beautiful lake cabins in the summer. Another great spot for fall foliage, opt for a scenic hot air balloon ride or boat tour in the fall months. Visit local breweries, maple sugaring houses, and vineyards.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

In upstate New York, a trip to the Adirondacks from downtown Manhattan will take you upwards of an 8-hour drive. Make a road trip out of it, or grab a train to Albany and then a bus onwards. Round-trip buses and trains will cost you $150+.

Lake Champlain

One of the lakes that are encompassed by the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Champlain borders Vermont, New York, and Canada. A key role in the early developments of the US and the sixth largest lake in the country, the Lake itself offers so much history. Take scenic boat trips, explore old forts, and maybe even spot the iconic Lake Champlain serpent/monster, nicknamed Champ.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

Another upstate New York location, getting to the Lake Champlain region isn't the shortest journey. However, there are many great rail and bus connections that will you get there. From around $50 one-way grab a 7 to 8-hour bus or train ride from New York City.

Atlantic City

Venture to the Jersey Shore. With nightlife that'll make you feel like you're in Vegas, Atlantic City offers a lot of fun activities. Walk the boardwalk and drop by some casinos or nightclubs or take part in carnival games and rides. Relax beachside in the summer months.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

It's quite easy to get to Atlantic City from downtown Manhattan. A little over a two-hour car ride, and easy and cheap bus connections ($32 one way).

Lake Ontario

Another location up north and shared by the Canadian border is Lake Ontario. The smaller of the Five Great Lakes. Lake Ontario covers over 200 miles of New York shoreline. Visit Rochester, New York—one of the larger cities that borders the lake.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

Similar to Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario is quite north, and getting to Rochester, New York from the city will take around a 7 hours drive. The fastest way to get there would be to fly to Buffalo and then grab a bus from there.

Niagara Falls

The largest waterfall in the US and one of the world's greatest natural wonders, Niagara Falls should certainly be on your bucket list. With access on each side from either Canada or the US, there are plenty of hotels available, some that even overlook the falls themselves.

The Easiest Way to Get There?

Niagara Falls is an 8-and-a-half-hour drive from New York City. It's possible to make a road trip out of a visit, however, the fastest way would be to grab a flight from New York City to Buffalo, NY, or Toronto, Canada. The cheapest way surprisingly is to grab a bus from the city, costing as little as $30 one way.