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Explore Europe: City Trips, Beach Vacations, and More

For many Americans, Europe is the ultimate destination. With 10 million square kilometers of beautiful beaches, deep blue seas, fascinating cities, romantic landscapes, dizzying mountains, imposing glaciers, and lush valleys, Europe gives you a taste of just about everything. 

Experience the Mediterranean lifestyle of Southern Europe, the cool Northern countries with their incomparable nature, the oft-overlooked East and the diverse old cities of Central Europe. We've got the best tips for the coolest destinations, the most beautiful places, and everything you need to know for a successful trip to Europe .

General information and tips for a trip to Europe

Around 700 million people live on the European continent—a subcontinent, strictly speaking, as it has no clear border with neighboring Asia. Together they form the continent of Eurasia. However, Europe is not only defined by the confines of its borders, but also by the cultural milieu and the differing lifestyles of its people. The cultural differences between the regions of Europe are as vast and varied as the differences between the stunning natural landscapes and bustling cities. 

trip to Europe can be thrilling, informative, and adventurous as well as relaxing and rejuvenating. From the far reaches of the north, with its long, cold winters and short, temperate summers, to the south, where you can often swim in the lakes and seas well into November, Europe is a destination for everyone: adventurers, beach bums, city explorers, history buffs, cultural deep-divers, and all the rest. Explore the beautiful Christmas Markets or enjoy your summer vacation at the European beaches.

City Trips in Europe 

Whether it's your first time in Europe or you've been many times before, you're sure to have several European cities that you're keen to visit. Big cities like Paris, London, and Madrid are great choices for first-time Eurotrippers as they have plenty of bars and restaurants, easy-to-use public transit, world-famous museums and sights, and many opportunities for guided tours.  Art-lovers will feel right at home in Florence and Barcelona, history buffs will find more than enough to do in Rome and Athens, and cultural deep-divers will love Budapest, Berlin, and Prague. Read on to find out what city trip is right for you:

Warm climes: Trips through the Mediterranean


Cultural meccas of the East and West

The British Isles: Trips in the United Kingdom

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