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Book Your Next Portugal Vacation Now

Portugal Vacations: Cheap Offers for the Atlantic Coast

Historic cities, wine-growing regions, long beaches, wild stretches of coast: Portugal has long since established itself as a travel destination beyond Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. Neither the Portuguese towns nor the stretches of coast are nearly as crowded as can be the case in parts of Spain.

In addition to the beautiful country itself, it is also so popular because you can spend dream vacations there at absolutely dream prices. Apart from the larger cities, vacations in Portugal are comparatively cheap. So what are you waiting for? Off to Portugal! Discover the best deals with us - from package tours to flight bangers

Arrival to Portugal

TAP Air offers great-value flights to many airports in Portugal. Fly directly to the north near Porto, or the capital city of Lisbon. Go to the far south near Faro in the Algarve region. The airport in Madeira is also becoming more and more important. There are direct flights to the Azores with Azores Airlines from New York for instance to Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores.

Entry into Portugal

Since Portugal is a member of the EU and Schengen agreement, US passport holders can enter the country visa-free as long as they stay under 90 days in a 180-day period.

Rent a Car in Portugal

So that you can move around flexibly when traveling, for example on a combination of a city trip and beach vacation or a road trip, we recommend a rental car. When booking, as always, pay attention to an included fully comprehensive insurance without excess and the tank regulation "full/full".

Weather & Climate in Portugal

Whether you’re on a package tour to the Algarve, the Azores, or Portugal’s capital Lisbon, or you’re traveling across the country: Portugal has a predominantly mild climate with pleasant temperatures all year round. It doesn't get extremely hot in summer - temperatures rarely exceed 90°F. The fresh sea breeze on the coast and low humidity ensures a pleasant climate for your trip even in the hottest months of July and August.

It rains more often on the Atlantic coast in winter, but you can count on around 300 hours of sunshine a year in the Algarve. The average annual temperature in Portugal ranges from 58°F (Porto) to 65°F (Funchal). So ideal for traveling!

Best Travel Time for Portugal

The best travel time in Portugal depends on the vacation region and your travel plans. Portugal is suitable for sightseeing all year round, but not for beach vacations. Only in April do the water temperatures rise above 60 degrees and the summer season begins. From November to March, it rains more, especially in the north. The Algarve in the south is an exception in this regard. The outside temperatures there fall below 60 degrees in November, but the sunny days remain in the majority.

Portugal Highlights: What You Have to See

During a vacation in Portugal, you can see and experience a lot. The following highlights are definitely worth a visit.

  • The Alfama district in Lisbon: No trip without visiting a fado bar and then taking tram n. 28 through the streets of the old town!

  • The Douro Valley near Porto: You should definitely include it in your round trip! Red wine in particular is grown here on spectacular terraces. Not all of it is fermented into port, there are many excellent dry wines from the Douro region.

  • The town of Sintra: 18 miles northwest of Lisbon was once the summer residence of the Portuguese kings. The Palácio Nacional da Pena is something like the Neuschwanstein of Portugal - definitely worth seeing and easy to reach from Lisbon on a day trip.

  • The Algarve: With its rocky landscapes, beaches, and bays, it is considered one of the most beautiful coasts in the world and is the No. 1 travel destination in Portugal.

  • The surf spots: Whether in the Algarve, in Peniche, or Nazaré - Portugal offers you the most beautiful surfing beaches in Europe.

Popular Travel Destinations in Portugal

Every region of Portugal can be considered as a vacation destination. Due to its exposed location on the Atlantic, Portugal is characterized by major climatic differences, which give the individual regions their own charm.

Porto & Costa Verde

The north of Portugal with the provincial capital Porto and the Douro Valley is characterized by a cool and rainy climate in fall, winter, and spring. This results in lush vegetation, which is why the corresponding stretch of coast is called the Costa Verde – green coasts. The region is all the more beautiful in summer and has so far been spared from mass tourism. The sandy beach Praia de Ofir near Fao in the Litoral Norte Nature Park is particularly spacious.

Our pirate tip: In Porto, it is worth keeping an eye out for port wine. Port wine is a so-called fortified wine, the fermentation is stopped by adding alcohol. The wine remains slightly sweet but has a high alcohol content. As the name suggests, port wine was invented in Porto and is still served there today, sometimes even on tap. In many cellars, there are also old vintages to taste. You shouldn't miss this!

Costa del Prato

The Costa del Prato between Porto and Lisbon is considered Portugal's wild coast. It can get very windy there, and sometimes the swell reaches record highs. Here is also the coastal town of Nazare, famous for its giant waves - and for those who come from far to ride them.

Costa Azul

South of Lisbon begins the Costa Azul, the blue coast. Tourism is also limited here and you can make many a discovery. The Alentejano Nature Park is spectacular right on the Atlantic.

Our pirate tip: There are some magical beaches on the Costa Azul, such as Praia do Amado and Praia da Bodeira. The fact that the stretch of the coast is only halfway developed proves to be an advantage on site. If you can do without big hotels and are satisfied with small guesthouses or tents, you can enjoy the wind and waves to the fullest!

Algarve and the South

In the Alentejo, while on vacation in the Algarve, and throughout the south, there are more large hotels and the entire tourist infrastructure is better developed. But there are still lonely spots on the mile-long sandy beaches. You live in comfortable hotels and enjoy a climate that makes it possible to lie comfortably on the beach and soak up the sun at the end of October.

Azores Islands

If you prefer to admire the landscape far away from the hustle and bustle and are not afraid of a longer journey, the archipelago of the Azores is very attractive. The natural wonder is located 900 miles from the mainland and offers you an impressive backdrop, with São Miguel being the largest and today the most important island.

Flower Island of Madeira

You can also have a very special Portugal vacation on Madeira. The beautiful island of flowers has a good chance of becoming your new favorite island: on a trip in Madeira, you can enjoy wonderful temperatures, magnificently blooming landscapes, and picturesque beaches. Madeira - the island of eternal spring - attracts every traveler with picturesque bathing bays and wonderfully blooming nature.

The Interior

Inland Portugal is generally hotter than the coastal regions in summer because it lacks the cooling influence of the Atlantic. There are no larger tourist centers there and the towns such as Coimbra or Beja have retained their charm. Inland Portugal is perfect for a voyage of discovery.

Beach Vacation with Children in Portugal

The southern beaches of Portugal are particularly suitable for a relaxing vacation with children. The climate is right there, the necessary infrastructure is available, and there are enough family-friendly hotels. The weather may be harsher in the north, but that shouldn't stop the adventurous from traveling up the coast. But you have to reckon with the fact that bathing with children is not possible every day. Sometimes the Atlantic is simply too turbulent. The combination of a city trip and a stay on the coast is also well-suited for family vacations.

With the Dog on the Beaches of Portugal

Designated beach sections for dogs are rare or non-existent in Portugal. Therefore, the reverse principle applies: where dogs are not explicitly forbidden, they are allowed. This is the case outside of the built-up areas and beyond the guarded and managed beaches. Wherever the beach gets lonelier and the loungers and cafés are behind you, there are no problems with four-legged friends. However, dogs are absolutely forbidden on the guarded and blue-flagged beaches.

Hotels and Accommodation on Portugal's Bathing Beaches

Outside the tourist centers, Portugal is full of family pensions and small hotels. If you are traveling by car and can afford it, drive into the blue and stop somewhere on the off chance. Family-friendly hotel complexes with pools and animation programs are mainly found in the south of the Algarve. Vacation homes and apartments are less common in Portugal than in Italy or Spain. The same applies to campsites.

Our pirate tip: book a hotel in a small town. Forego half-board. Instead, try a different place every night and eat fresh fish on the spot or taste the Alheiras! You wouldn't believe how fantastic this can taste!