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Things to Do in March


Best Places to Visit in March: Spring Break Travel Destinations & More

March is a great month for cheap travel. Between spring break discounts, milder weather, and fewer tourists in vacation hot spots, it's well worth taking your next trip during March. It's also the perfect opportunity to book a ski trip. since it is the last month to properly enjoy a ski vacation. Here you'll find our deals on cheap flights, hotels, cruises around the Caribbean, and vacations for travel during the month of March.

Now that the weather's improving, why not book a city break? If you are looking for where to travel in March 2024 in the US, we have you covered. If you'd like a bigger adventure and don't mind going long haul, you could head out on a beach vacation somewhere exotic or tick off a bucket list experience in Europe, Africa, or Asia. Check out our top recommendations for the best places to travel in March.

Looking to travel during another month of the year? Or during a public holiday?

City Trips in March

Looking for the perfect Spring Break getaway to a bustling city with fun nightlife and tons of art and culture? Below we've compiled some of our top recommendations for a city trip.

Miami, Florida

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 75°F

There's plenty of warm weather to be had in southern USA during the month of March, but Miami, Florida, is the place to be for some guaranteed sunshine - and a whole lot of fun. You can expect temperatures to be in the mid- to high-70s°F. Stay in Miami Beach to enjoy incredible restaurants, the hottest nightlife and, of course, daily swims in the ocean, which is a wonderful 75°F in March.

Dubai, UAE

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 86°F

Thanks to its consistently hot and dry weather, along with an average temperature of about 86°F, March is one of the best times to visit Dubai. Be warned - it's a popular time to be in this ultra-modern city, so make sure that you book ahead for the best prices. Take in the top attractions like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, before heading out of the city for your very own desert adventure.

Dublin, Ireland

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 44°F

Take advantage of great-value flights with budget transatlantic airline PLAY, or opt for great full-service flights with Aer Lingus by taking a trip to Dublin, the Irish capital. Dublin has all the swanky eateries, top-tier bars, fascinating museums and stunning old-world architecture that you'd expect from a large European city - but all with the charm of a small town. Whether you'd like to surround yourself with history in Trinity College Library or try your first pint of Guinness in a hole-in-the-wall pub, there’s plenty to do in Dublin.

*If you want to get into the swing of things, time your visit with Saint Patrick’s Day festivities in the middle of March. Also make sure that you take a day trip or two to nearby destinations like Giant’s Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher, and Blarney Castle.

Porto, Portugal

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 60°F

Porto is a coastal city in northwestern Portugal and is known for its port wine production, medieval architecture on the riverbank, and winding and narrow streets lined with cute cafes. Vacation s in Porto are always a good idea, especially in March. The Ribeira district on the south bank of the Douro is perfect for a fantastic view of the Ponte Dom Luis bridge and the small boats cruising down the river. From here you have a perfect view of the beauty of Porto and the port wine warehouse. For the best and cheapest bars, head to the Piolho and Galeria de Paris neighborhoods . There is always a good mood here, a great atmosphere, and you will surely experience a great evening.

Savannah, Georgia

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 60°F

Southern summers are notoriously rough, but springtime is where Georgia hits its stride. With vibrant purple and soft pink azaleas in bloom and the weather at a pleasant, warm temperature, you could easily spend your whole trip to Savannah simply wandering around and taking in the natural beauty. The best bets for this are Forsyth Park and Wormsloe Historic Site, where you can walk amongst moss-covered oak trees and see multi-colored wildflowers. Be sure to check out the Historic District as well, and stop in for an ice cream at Leopold’s, an old-fashioned establishment with a taste of the city’s history.

Zadar, Croatia

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 52°F

Zadar is the oldest inhabited city in Croatia and is known for its Roman and Venetian ruins in the peninsular old town. Zadar itself is a great destination for a city break in March and also something different than the usual suspects Dubrovnik or Split. Watched from the hustle and bustle of the old town from one of the cute cafes and restaurants at People's Square Narodni Trg and have a good time. An absolute "must do" in Zadar is the sea organ on the waterfront. A system of organs and pipes has been integrated into the steps and now the sea creates its own melody as the waves hit the steps. Something very special!

Beach Vacation in March

Escape the cold and snowy weather and catch some rays on a warm and sunny beach. Below we've compiled a few beach spots that offer the best water and air temperatures during the month of March.


(ex: Koh Phangan)

🌡 83°F air temperature

🌊 82°F water temperature

☀️ 9 hours a day

🌦 7 rainy days


🌡 86°F air temperature

🌊 78°F water temperature

☀️ 9 hours a day

🌦 3 rainy days


(ex: Cancun)

🌡 86°F air temperature

🌊 78°F water temperature

☀️ 10 hours a day

🌦 4 rainy days

Canary Islands

(ex: Gran Canaria)

🌡 69°F air temperature

🌊 64°F ​​water temperature

☀️ 7 hours a day

🌦 3 rainy days

Ski Vacation in March

March is one of the last months to enjoy skiing in the northern hemisphere. Hit the slopes on the Rockies in the midwest, or the Appalachian Mountain trail on the east coast. Or venture overseas and hit the Alps in Europe or the Himalayas in Asia.

Banff, Canada

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 28°F

The Canadian Rockies are breathtaking and Banff is a popular spot to explore them. With many ski resorts to choose from. Snowfall is still quite frequent in March, whereas, in the US the snow season is starting to wind down.

*Grab the Canadian SnowPass for just $29.99 Canadian Dollars and resident 4th or 5th graders can ski all across Canada. *Only open to Canadian residents

Swiss Alps

🌡️ Average temperature in March: 42°F

Explore the Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland. Switzerland offers many great skiing destinations in its alpine countryside. On your winter trip to Switzerland, don't forget to take part in "fondue culture", warming up next to a hot pot of melted cheese or chocolate.

Other Top Destinations to Visit in March

March is peak spring break season, but you don’t have to head to Cancún or Panama City to have an exciting vacation. March is a great month to travel, as the last of the winter weather is winding down and there’s just a hint of spring around the corner. Skip those last few weeks of cold weather with a trip somewhere warm and sunny, or head off somewhere new before the tourist season begins in late spring and summer.

Kathmandu, Nepal

March marks the start of the spring season in Nepal, making it the ideal time for a hiking trip. Although it’s a nice time to explore the more famous alpine routes like the trail to Everest Base Camp, you will still be faced with increasingly chilly weather as you rise in elevation. Your best bet for lovely, temperate days, breezy nights, plant life in bloom, and fewer crowds is to pick a less-frequented trail with no significant changes in elevation. The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, for example, is a 5-day excursion replete with beautiful vistas and bright, blooming rhododendrons. You can get your fill of springtime hiking with plenty of downtime to spend in Kathmandu on either end.

Amman, Jordan

Oppressively hot summers and bitterly cold winters may plague Jordan, but spring is where this country truly shines. Start in Amman, where you can stroll the streets shopping for intricate jewelry and trying melt-in-your-mouth baklava from local souks as you make your way to the Roman Amphitheater. Then travel south, stopping for a dip in the Dead Sea, to make your way down to the ancient city of Petra and the desert of Wadi Rum. In Petra, pass through the narrow rock walls of Al Siq to reach the impressive facade at the city’s entrance (Bonus: return at dusk to see the entrance aglow with thousands of candles, a nightly ritual). On your trip to Wadi Rum, book an overnight stay in a luxury glamping tent to take in a night sky rich with stars.

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Going to Japan is an experience during any time of the year, but Cherry Blossom season is something else. The Japanese word hanami can be translated to something like "flower viewing," which is a popular tradition for Japanese folks and a great attraction for tourists. Blooming time usually takes place between the end of March and the beginning of April. Every year, forecasts come out to give people an idea of when the blooming should take place

Tokyo - start: March 22 / full bloom: March 30

Sapporo - earliest: May 2 / full bloom: May 5

Sendai - start: April 8 / full bloom: April 13

Kanazawa - start: April 4 / full bloom: April 10

Nagoya - start date: March 25 / full bloom: April 4

Kyoto - start date: March 27 / full bloom: April 5

Osaka - start: March 28 / full bloom: April 5

Fukuoka - start date: March 23 / full bloom: April 1

The life of the cherry blossom, is quite short and usually lasts, at most, a couple of weeks. During the first week, the cherry trees will blossom until they reach their full bloom and splendor ("mankai" in Japanese). A week later, the blossoms will fall off the trees and hanami will be over. Although there is a forecast, it is a very weather-dependent phenomenon. So, if it starts to be warmer than expected, it will occur earlier. If the weather is not good, it will occur later or it may shorten the time the trees are in bloom.

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