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Check Out Our Top Glamping Deals

What is Glamping?

Glamping stands for "glamorous camping", i.e. for glamorous and luxurious camping. So you combine the luxury of a hotel with the romance of an outdoor vacation. Although the glamping vacation style is still relatively new, it has already found many followers and a foothold in the tourism industry.

The accommodations are in no way reminiscent of the ones you know from camping out in the wilderness. These tend to be spacious tents or mobile homes that are equipped with comfortable beds, and private bathrooms. But there are also more unusual accommodations such as Mongolian yurts or tree houses.

Another difference to normal camping is that you don't have to bring your own tent, as your accommodation is already there. Accommodations are more than attractive and are mostly located in a beautiful setting. Glamping is also increasing in popularity at festivals.

The World's Most Beautiful Glamping Accommodation

Camping with that Certain Something

You like camping and somehow you don't? Sleeping in the fresh air is actually pretty cool, but your back just can't take a night on the air mattress? You don't like heating up food over a small gas cooker? Then glamping is the perfect solution for you. You don't have to miss out on the magical atmosphere of a night in nature and under the stars, but there are a few amenities that make camping a real luxury experience. ​And what could be cozier or more romantic than sleeping in a tent, listening to the crickets chirping, and just unwinding. This is exactly what is possible with our TOP 5 AIRBNB GLAMPING ACCOMMODATIONS worldwide.

"Time camping isn't spent, it's invested"

1. Glamping in Oregon

Let's go camping near Oregon's biggest city, Portland. Mountains, forests, beaches - there is everything here that makes a nature lover's heart beat faster and there is also something for the ladies. Iconic coffeeshops and a big avant-garde culture - of course, it works the other way around or both for everyone, however, you like it. But the most beautiful is of course Ruthanne's glamping accommodation. The dreamlike tent right on the lake is furnished with great attention to detail and makes every day and every night something very special.

  • ​Max 2 people

  • From $80 per night

  • Basic equipment (bed linen, towels)

  • WIFI

  • Jacuzzi

2. Glamping in Indonesia

For our next glamping hot spot, it goes from the USA halfway around the world to Indonesia. Lombok, the neighboring island of famous Bali, is as beautiful as it is wild, and what goes best with the wild? Exactly: camping. Nathalie's Ecolodge offers glamping at its finest. Expanded safari tents, which have even been equipped with a wooden floor, await you here. Pure nature meets luxury at a reasonable price. So let's go to Indonesia.

  • Max 3 people

  • Total $96 per night

  • Basic equipment (bed linen, towels)

  • WIFI

  • Air conditioning

  • Breakfast included

3. Glamping in South Korea

The Hongcheon-gun region can be found in northern South Korea, just under 1 hour and 10 minutes by train from the capital, Seoul. Korea is known for its mountainous landscape, its cherry trees, decades-old Buddhist temples, and the brightly colored capital. Glamping in the small village of Bukbang-myeon gives you variety and something very special. Embedded in the mountains you will find the colorful and unusual Banus. Square shapes and a veranda directly on the Noil River await you here. The soothing environment takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul and lets you really unwind.​

  • Max 4 people

  • From $122 per night

  • Air conditioning

  • Basic equipment (towels, bed linen)

  • WIFI

  • Heating

4. Glamping in Italy

Tiglieto is located in northern Italy, just under 33 miles from Genoa, in the Liguria region. Liguria is also known as the Italian Rivera. Beautiful and colorful fishing villages are located here, embedded in the rocky coastal landscape of the Cinque Terre and our glamping accommodation from Roberto is unique and dreamlike. A tent awaits you here, right on a river with a natural spa. Sound relaxing? It is! The so-called bio-spa is heated by wood collected in the area and is filled with fresh water from the river.

  • ​Max 2 people

  • From $121 per night

  • Basic equipment (bed linen, towels)

  • Pool

5. Glamping in Kenya

Wild animals, beautiful nature, sparkling starry skies, and lots of adventure. This is a vacation in Kenya. Nanyuki is a small village and is located directly at Mount Kenya National Park, around 120 miles north of the capital Nairobi. Sieku offers you a very special kind of glamping experience here. You can visit the bush, ride horses, and cool off in natural pools. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset with a refreshing drink and a delicious African BBQ - simply unique.

  • Max 16 people

  • From $85 per night (for 2 people)

  • Basic equipment (towels, bed linen)

  • WIFI