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Last-Minute Vacations: Flights & Deals For A Last-Minute Trip

Sometimes you just have the urge to get away for a little while. If you've caught the travel bug, a last-minute vacation is right up your alley. Last-minute trips require you to be flexible about where and when you want to travel, which means you may end up on an adventure you never expected. Although conventional wisdom tells us it's better to plan ahead for vacations, sometimes booking a last-minute vacation means big savingsAirlines and hotels that are looking to fill vacancies may offer discounts to travelers

Finding the best deal for a last-minute vacation is easy with the following tips. Whether you're looking for a quick weekend trip or a longer beach vacationspontaneously booking your getaway can not only save you money, it also encourages you to consider new travel destinations.

How Does a Last-Minute Vacation Work?

Airlines, travel agents, and hotels plan their season well in advance, but often they don't sell all their bookings as planned. These offers are placed back on the market, at a reduced price. As a traveler you can book a last minute vacation at an attractive price, often as early as a few weeks before your planned travel date. To make the best of these deals, you need to be flexible when it comes to your travel dates and open-minded with your destination.

Great Last-Minute Deals for Weekend Breaks

City trips are a great way to spend a spontaneous weekend away. Popular destinations include Paris, London, or Prague, but if you think outside the box you can discover equally attractive cities such as the Hungarian capital Budapest, or Copenhagen with its Little Mermaid.

A city break is also a great way to scout out new travel destinations over a weekend to see if you would like to spend a longer vacation there in the future. Spending a couple of days on a Greek island, or a short cruise aboard a ship are some good options.

Best Last-Minute Vacations for Beach Lovers

If your ideal vacation includes spending time at the beach and swimming in crystal clear water, consider looking for deals in the following places:

  • Tunisia – Long sandy beaches and elegant resorts that offer all-inclusive deals can be found here.

  • Madeira – This lovely Portuguese island is ideal for a spring vacation.

  • Canary Islands – A classic for a winter vacation in the sun. Each island has its own characteristics, including volcanic landscapes on Lanzarote or gleaming white beaches on Fuerteventura.

What Can Be Booked Last Minute

There are nearly no limits to what you can book last minute. The following list will whet your travel appetite:

  • Cruises – Both river and sea cruises are available.

  • Spas – Enjoy a relaxing wellness weekend at a nice hotel or resort.

  • City trips – You can often get packages that include flight, accommodation, and a travel card to explore the city of your choice.

  • Flight-only purchase – Fly to a new destination and explore it independently on your own.

  • All-inclusive – One booking covers your food, drink, and entertainment choices.