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What to Do in May...


The Best Places to Visit in May: Where to Travel in Late Spring

Whether you're looking for a cheap Caribbean cruise, a Memorial Day weekend getaway, or want to the give the gift of travel for Mother's Day. With discounts on hotels or cheap flights during the month of May, this is the page for you. Take advantage of the mild weather and cheap prices on May travel deals. Jet off to the Caribbean for a sunny beach vacation or stay close to home and take advantage of the glamping properties opening up for the season.

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The Top 5 Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations for May

As that sweet, floral-scented month that transitions you from spring to summer, May has a lot to offer no matter where you find yourself. While it’s hard to find a place that isn’t beautiful in May, some destinations are particularly picturesque this time of year. Head up into Scandinavia to experience the wild north as it breaks out of its winter shell and blossoms into fields of wildflowers. If you’re craving damp heat and thick, lush greenery, take a trip to Borneo and hike the well-worn paths. The best part? You’ll be sure to find great deals this month—spring break has come and gone and the summer season is still on the horizon, meaning prices will be low and crowds fewer and more far between.

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital springs to life in May, with cherry blossoms blooming overhead like a candy-colored cloud in Kungsträdgården park and cafe patios spilling over with sun-seeking locals. The cheerful atmosphere invites visitors to make the most of their day outside—the little houses and gardens of Tantolunden park yield hours of exploration and a walk along the Norr Mälarstrand trail gives you great views of the Old Town (particularly stunning at sunset). Djurgården, a vibrant green island just a ferry ride away, is a good choice for a day that forecasts fickle weather—if it’s nice, you can wander the open-air Skansen museum, and if you catch some rain, you can duck into the indoor Vasa museum. Break up your adventures by stopping for a fika, a Swedish tradition of pausing to share a coffee and a sweet treat (maybe a semlor, or cardamom bun) with friends in the middle of the day.

Nantucket, MA

Martha’s Vineyard’s scrappy little sister, Nantucket, has all the windswept dunes, weathered cedar-shingled houses, and stroll-able New England coastline of its larger counterpart, with a more relaxed feel. These islands today are the Catskills of yesteryear, coaxing busy New Yorkers and Bostonians to enjoy the simple things in life—lazy days on the beach, breezy wine-buzzed nights, and great locally-sourced food. A trip in May gives you a slice of the summer lifestyle before the season gets into full swing, meaning fewer families fighting for the coveted beach spots and shorter lines at island institutions like Nantucket Bake Shop. Added bonus for the self-proclaimed foodies: the Nantucket Food and Wine Festival takes place from May 15 – 19 this year.

Sicily, Italy

With minimal humidity, temperate days, and cool nights, Sicily is the ideal Italian May getaway. Start in Palermo, the capital, where you can admire the intricate gold-laced artwork in the Palatine Chapel, check out the views from Monte Pellegrino, and taste your way through local cheeses at the Ballaro market. On a warm day, step outside the city to wander the white-washed Scala dei Turchi (Turkish steps) further south, impressive rock formation “staircases” and stop for a picnic on the beach leading up to the steps. If you’re keen to see Mount Etna, try out the Circumetnea, a local commuter train that takes you around the base of the volcano and offers views of the black lava rock. Most importantly, don’t forget to tack a food tour onto your visit—embrace the beckoning summer by biting into some mouth-watering artichoke hearts or a chilled cannoli.


This Southeast Asian island may not get as much attention from tourists as neighboring hotspots like Bali, Vietnam, and the Philippines, but that’s actually to its advantage. Borneo has a wealth of uncrowded hiking paths and sleepy beaches, and as it is the third largest island in the world (Greenland and New Guinea take the lead), there is so much ground to cover that first-time visitors will feel spoiled for choice. We recommend a trip to Sarawak, where you can take advantage of the relatively dry weather (May is often bookended by monsoons). Gear up for a full day hike, like the challenging Mount Santubong trail, where you will pass by waterfalls, hanging bridges, and a wide array of local flora and fauna.

Carlsbad, CA

Just an hour and a half from LA and a half hour from San Diego, Carlsbad is the perfect spot for a California family road trip. Kids will love the Legoland theme park and parents can use the online height requirement calculator to plan in advance which rides they should try with little ones. Weather is variable but generally sunny and can reach highs in the low 70s—if you catch a nice day, take a walk along the Carlsbad Sea Wall that overlooks the always-bustling Tamarack Surf Beach. Above all else, this coastal California town is probably best known for its vast Flower Fields, over 50 acres of multicolored buttercups and other flowers that bloom every April. Be sure to plan your trip before May 12th, when the fields close to the public.

Beach Vacation: Where Can You Swim in May?

North, Central, and South America

  • Caribbean: In the Caribbean, the transition to the rainy season begins very gradually. But that doesn't mean that it rains all day. It's only getting a little muggy and there's often a short heavy shower in the early afternoon, which is then followed by a mix of sun and clouds. This is also proven by the average of 8 hours of sunshine a day, which are in the statistics for the Dominican Republic. *If you really don't want to experience rain, we have another tip for you: The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao) are the driest of all the Caribbean islands!

  • Florida: Journey to the sunshine state and enjoy spring weather. Some of the best parts of the state to visit for a beach vacation are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Keys just to name a few.

  • South America: South America boasts some fantastic coast line. You'll find some of the best beaches in Colombia, Ecuador (particularly the Galapagos), Brazil, and Peru. Also, it's your last chance to enjoy the summer weather before winter hits in June south of the equator.

  • Mexico: With places like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum to choose from... you're sure to have plenty of options when choosing a beach vacation in Mexico.

  • Hawai'i: Hawai'i cerrtainly deserves a place on this list. Though it's not such a short journey from the East Coast. It's the definition of surf, sun, and relaxation. Explore the many islands that make up this state in the Pacific.

Europe, Asia, and Africa

  • Asia & Africa: A top destination for long-distance hauls is Indonesia and thus also the popular island of Bali, where not only the best weather but also the now relaxed entry conditions are attractive. Thailand is now getting more and more rain on the west coast, but don't worry: the popular islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao are still the best travel times. In the western Indian Ocean, the dry season starts in May in the longed-for destinations Seychelles and Mauritius.

  • South Seas: If long flight times don't deter you, you will find the best conditions in the South Pacific from May. Your South Seas dream could come true in French Polynesia.

  • Mediterranean: The summer season starts almost everywhere on the Mediterranean in May, but the sea is not suitable for everyone for swimming due to the water temperatures. It is still most pleasant in the very south-east, for example in Israel, Cyprus, on the Turkish Riviera, and partly also on Crete, where the seawater temperature at this time is usually already around the 68-degree mark. Which of course does not mean that a trip to other Mediterranean destinations, such as Mallorca or Sicily, is not worthwhile. With an average air temperature of 73° F, you can already sunbathe on the beach there. You also benefit from low off-season prices and pleasant weather for excursions.

  • MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa): But if you want to focus on bathing fun, you have to get on the plane longer, for example to the Morocco or to Egypt. On the Canary Islands it is a little quieter in May, as the many winter and Easter travelers are no longer there and the water temperature exceeds 68° F. In Egypt you can even look forward to a water temperature of 78° F in the Red Sea. The sea is similarly warm in May off Dubai. Since the air temperature at that time can easily reach 104 degrees, you should not have a weak circulation for a vacation in the Emirates between May and September and rather plan your city tours in the morning and evening. Not quite as hot, but just as reliably sunny and dry in May on the Cape Verde Islands.

City Trip in May

May is perfect for a city break. It's already warm enough to spend a lot of time in the fresh air and exploring your destination, but not too hot to break a sweat as you explore. In terms of prices, we are not yet in the high season in May either, so your travel budget will be a bit easier on. So go ahead and discover the world with our top four city break destinations for May.

Barcelona, Spain

A city trip to Barcelona is almost a classic and is always a good idea. The cosmopolitan coastal city in the Spanish region of Catalonia is particularly well known and loved for its art and the architectural masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí, such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Güel. In May, Barcelona is in full bloom and bustling with life, and the average temperature is a pleasant 64°F—perfect for a city trip.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the pearl of Portugal, captivates with the flair of a coastal city and the mountainous landscape, which is crossed by cute Portuguese houses and through which the famous Lisbon trams meander. A city trip to Lisbon is something very special. Discover the relaxed life of the Portuguese, experience an explosion of taste buds with delicious fish and port wine and just let yourself go.

Rome, Italy

All roads eventually lead to Rome. Almost 3,000 years of history influence the sprawling metropolis and there is something to discover around almost every corner. From the Vatican to the Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum—the eye never gets enough on a city trip to Rome. At a pleasant 69°F you can indulge in history, pizza and pasta.

Venice, Italy

Venice, probably the most romantic city in Italy, is spread across 100 islands and is bursting with beauty and Italian flair. Even if it can get crowded in Venice, you should have been there at least once in your life and really fall in love with the city. Winding streets, small bridges, and the most common means of transport are gondolas and boats. Bella Italy!

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