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Enjoy your vacation in Curacao on palm-fringed beaches

With magnificent underwater adventures, rocky coves, and palm-fringed beaches, Curacao provides an all-time vacationdestination. The highly-cosmopolitan island carries an iconic national pride. Visitors can shop and dine in traditional joints in Otrobanda or fusion restaurants around Punda Quarter. The two quarters are connected through the 85-feet Queen Juliana Bridge and Queen Emma Bridge, a floating pedestrian walkway.

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Explore the rich culture of Curacao

As you embark on your vacation in Curacao, you’ll be greeted by vivid reminders of the various ethnic backgrounds that have fused over the years to form one of the most fascinating cultures in the Caribbean. Here are some basic facts to note:

  • The locals mostly speak Papiamentu, a unique mixture of Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish
  • On the western side of Willemstad, vacationers can relax on quiet beaches like Playa Cas Abao and Blue Bay
  • The climate is generally favorable – temperatures never drop below 77 Fahrenheit
  • The Christoffelpark is the only national park on the island with magnificent sites like Laguna and Sabana Westpunt
  • Visitors can explore clear coral reefs and the iconic tugboat wreckage
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Engage in a guided paddleboarding (SUP) eco tour

There’s no better way to explore the Spanish Water mangroves than with a stand-up paddleboard on your vacation in Caracao. The tour takes about two hours, and visitors get to learn about numerous species of marine life and birds that depend on the mangrove roots as a nursery. Paddle slowly through the calm waters under the instruction of trained guides and take some time to capture those memorable experiences on camera. Other than the myriad of bird species, you can be lucky to spot turtles and rays as well.

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Sea aquarium exploration on your Caracao vacation

Experience the beauty of the Caribbean Island of Curacao with a boat tour that lasts about four hours. Stop over at Fort Rif, Queen Juliana Bridge, and Queen Emma Bridge as you head to Landhuis Chobolobo. The guides will help you explore the liqueur factory where you’ll be treated to some tastes of the local rum before signing off at the world-famous Curacao Sea Aquarium. Depending on your preference, you can choose to visit the famous Mambo Beach as well. Enjoy magnificent views of the Rif Fort that was built in 1828 to safeguard the city. The unique Queen Emma Bridge is a floating pontoon bridge that allows vessels to enter and leave the bay without disrupting human traffic.

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Nightlife during your vacation in Curacao

Whether you enjoy good times by listening to jazz music in a candle-lit restaurant or clubbing till dawn, Curacao has something for everyone. Even for the most discerning nightlife connoisseurs, the beach bars offer perfect spots for stargazing and enjoying some exotic cocktails. Try out the casino or munch some popcorn while watching a movie.