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Travel Deals to the Czech Republic

Looking to Fly to the Czech Republic?

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Looking for Accommodation in the Czech Republic?


Vacation in the Czech Republic: Travel Guide

The Czech Republic is a fairytale land of mountains, forests, castles and medieval towns in the heart of Europe. If you are on vacation in the Czech Republic, you probably cannot miss Prague, but you should keep in mind that the Czech Republic has much more to offer: hiking trips, ski resorts, nature parks, spa towns, wellness offers, and a whole range of historically remarkable, well-preserved towns!

The Czech Republic is bursting with history and culture. At the beginning of the 20th century, the country in Eastern Europe was one of the wealthiest countries in the world! Industry was flourishing and the cultural scene was as vibrant as it was diverse. The Czech Republic was a magnet for artists, architects, and writers of all kinds. Traces of this glorious past can still be seen throughout the country today.

Travel to the Czech Republic: Practical Advice

The Czech Republic has not yet adopted the Euro. The currency used is always the Czech Crown (CZK). Making withdrawals from ATMs allows you to benefit from commissions and advantageous rates. Modern establishments accept payment by credit card.

Czech is the main language in the Czech Republic. The development of tourism has led young people and professionals in the sector to learn Russian, German, and English.

Entry to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a part of the Schengen Area, which comprises of 26 European countries. From 2025, when entering the Schengen Area, US citizens are required to obtain a special travel authorization (ETIAS), as well as have a passport with at least 6 months left of validity.

Vacations in the Czech Republic: Places of Interest and Best Destinations

Prague is the most important tourist destination in the Czech Republic. The capital is full of must-see places and cultural monuments in the city itself and its 4 main districts. The Stare Mesto: Prague's Old Town is the historic center of the city. Nove Mesto is the modern district. Mala Strana: the district of palaces and gardens is an authentic village where a serene atmosphere still reigns despite the tourist crowds. The Hradcany Castle district is home to Prague Castle, perched on a hill with stunning views of the entire city.

In the Bohemia region, the village of Holasovice, the medieval town of Kutna Hora, the spa town of Marianské Lazné as well as the mountains of Sumava are unmissable places during a stay in the Czech Republic. In Moravia, Austerlitz is a must to immerse yourself in the history of the Great Army. Olomouc stands out for its layout and architecture. Brno, Mikulov, Telc are also worth a visit in Moravia.

The Most Beautiful Castles and Palaces in the Czech Republic

Prague Castle in the Czech Republic

Prague Castle is the largest enclosed castle complex in the world and was founded in the 9th century. However, work on it has continued and you can see a wide variety of architectural styles from different periods. But that is exactly what makes it so extraordinary and it is not without reason that the Bohemian dukes and kings, two emperors and the presidents lived here. To this day it is the residence of the President of the Czech Republic . Apart from that, you also have a great view of Prague from the Hradčany hill on which the beautiful castle is located .

Karlstejn Castle in the Czech Republic

Karlstein Castle is located about 30 kilometers south of Prague and was founded in 1348 by Charles IV after he was first elected Roman-German King. To this day, large parts of the castle have been preserved and renovated. The castle received its final current appearance after the reconstruction, which lasted from 1887 to 1899. Especially if you are in Prague anyway, you should definitely take the short walk to Karlstein Castle and see this beautiful castle up close.

One of the legends of Karlštejn Castle is, of course, about Charles IV. When he died, his golden bed in Karlštejn Castle is said to have turned into a cradle. This cradle, in turn, flew to the Vltava, only to reappear at some point and be used by a mother for her newborn child. This child was supposed to bring peace, tranquility and happiness to the country. A beautiful story. And definitely possibly true!

Průhonice Castle in the Czech Republic

The dream castle Průhonice is also very close to Prague and is therefore ideal for a day trip. You only have to travel 10 kilometers from Prague to see what is probably the most beautiful castle in the Czech Republic. It is therefore no wonder that it is often used as a backdrop for Czech fairytale films .

Even more famous than Průhonice is probably the castle park. It was the life's work of Count Ernst Silva-Tarouca in collaboration with the German botanist and garden designer Camillo Schneider. In addition to beautiful flowers, bushes and trees, the English landscape garden also has several ponds and is home to parts of the Botič river. As the garden has been continually expanded, it is now one of the largest arboretums in Europe . Arboretums are collections of various types of trees (often exotic woods). For example, a botanical garden, in which you will find mainly trees and bushes. In the park of Průhonice Castle, for example, you will find around 8,000 trees (with a total of around 1,500 different species).

Frauenberg Castle in the South of the Czech Republic

Frauenberg Castle or (for those who can pronounce it) Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle is considered to be one of the most beautiful castles in Bohemia. It has existed since the second half of the 13th century, albeit in a different form and style. Back then it was an early Gothic castle, then (in the 1580s) a Renaissance castle, then (from the beginning of the 18th century) a Baroque castle, until finally (in the mid-19th century) it became a Tudor-style castle. The old building was demolished and the current picturesque castle was built in its place. Strictly speaking, it has actually only existed since the mid-19th century. You can find it in the town of the same name, Hluboká nad Vltavou, on the Vltava River in southern Czech Republic.

Lednice Castle in the Czech Republic

Lednice Castle or Zamek Lednice is one of the most visited architectural monuments in the Czech Republic. It was built by the Liechtensteiners and remained in the possession of the Liechtenstein family until 1945. They lived anything but badly here, and not just in the castle itself, but also in the beautiful park. The Liechtensteiners diverted the River Thaya for the park, creating a large pond with many small islands. Today the pond serves as a breeding and resting place for waterfowl. For this reason, it has been a national nature reserve and is protected since 1953. The plants in the garden were no less impressive and were sometimes even imported specially from America. In 1845 the Liechtensteiners even built a palm house with an orangery . But even more impressive is the minaret, which they had built beforehand.