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Best Deals for Your Next Getaway to Croatia

Vacation in Croatia: Cheap Offers for Beach and Nature

Croatia is always worth a trip, whether it's to the beautiful Adriatic coast or the country's diverse natural landscape. On vacation in Croatia you can visit some cities worth seeing, such as Zadar, Istria, Dubrovnik, Split, or Pula. But even more exciting are the many small islands that Croatia has to offer. There are about 1,224 islands, rocks, and reefs. On this page, you can get an overview and find the right area to visit. Of course, we wouldn't be real pirates if we didn't also have suitable Croatia offers on board. That's how it works, Start your vacation in Croatia relaxed with all the tips!

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Best Time to Travel to Croatia

The climate in Croatia is divided into three zones. The Dalmatia region on the Adriatic is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild but rainy winter months. In the northeast and east of the country, there can be large temperature differences due to the continental climate—dry, hot summers meet rainy, cold winters.

The weather and, accordingly, the best travel time in Croatia is very different, depending on where in the country you are. From the end of October, it will be cool and rainy in northern Croatia . It is particularly beautiful in spring, when the temperatures rise to over 68°F at the end of April and the vegetation begins to bloom. While it is moderately warm in Istria even in summer, it can get very hot in southern Croatia in July and August.

The Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

Below, you'll find a list of the most beautiful spots to visit in Croatia—making for the most memorable vacation.

Beach Vacations in Istria: Europe's Sunniest Area

Istria is Croatia's largest peninsula and, along with Kvarner Bay and Dalmatia, one of the most visited and popular vacation regions in the country. The main reason for this is the uniquely beautiful nature and the beautiful beaches.

With 621 miles of coastline and over 2,380 hours of sunshine a year, Istria really is ideal for a beach vacation. What you should definitely visit here are, for example, the Brijuni and Ucka national parks, the Baredine, Festinsko kraljevstvo, and Pazin caves, as well as the cities of Pula, Rovinj, and Porec. Apart from that, you also have a large number of dream beaches here. We can particularly recommend the beaches of Kanegra, Lanterna, Koversada, and Katoro. If you are on vacation in Croatia with your family and are looking for a little more action in Istria, you can also experience a great active vacation here. You can go cycling, trekking, horseback riding, diving, surfing, paragliding, and play tennis or golf.

Dalmatia in Croatia, Dream Region with the Most Beautiful Cities in Croatia

Where is the best place to start when it comes to Dalmatia? Perhaps with the capital of the region, Zadar, after all it is said to be "older than Rome, more beautiful than Paris and livelier than London". Or maybe with Split, the cultural metropolis of Croatia. Or with probably the most beautiful city in Croatia: Dubrovnik, which has been world-famous since Game of Thrones at the latest.

Of course, not to forget the beautiful islands in Dalmatia such as Brač, Korčula, Murter, Dugi Otok, or Hvar, which are not only popular with boaters and sailors. Difficult to decide with such a selection. But one thing is certain: this region is really suitable for everyone, whether for a hiking vacation, active trip, party trip, diving vacation, or beach vacation; whether on a family vacation or as a solo traveler—everyone gets their money's worth here!

The Kvarner Bay in Croatia: Nature, Beach, and Dream Islands

​​​​​​The beautiful Kvarner Bay stretches from Istria to the Dalmatia region, directly on the Adriatic Sea. As already mentioned, this is also one of the most popular vacation regions in Croatia and the number of tourists is growing every year. Vacations on the islands of Krk, Cres, and Rab are particularly popular. (Sun) bathing and water sports are particularly popular here and we can only warmly recommend diving. Here you will find really breathtaking underwater worlds!

In addition to the islands, the towns of Opatija and Lovran with their numerous luxury villas are also worth a visit. The port city of Rijeka, from where you can take the ferry to the dream islands, is also worthwhile. But the world-famous Plitvice Lakes National Park should not be forgotten either, because the Winnetou films were filmed here after all. Untouched nature, including the 16 lakes, which are connected by overflows, waterfalls and cave systems, are practically a symbol of the perfect Croatia vacation.

Zadar in Croatia - On to the Gateway to Dalmatia

Zadar is a historical city that brings you to the Dalmatia region. If you spend your vacations there in Croatia, you can spend a varied stay with sightseeing, sports, and the beach. A visit to the lively old town is particularly worthwhile, as it takes you into an exciting 3,000-year-old history.

The cultural highlights include the Roman buildings, the old city wall, and the sea organ. You want to enjoy Croatia's beaches? Then you are also right in Zadar. Crystal clear water washes up on the pebbly beaches of Borik and Kolvare. Since the water is shallow, even small children can indulge in bathing fun. Also very popular is the beach of Diklo, which is connected to beautiful vacation homes, hotels and villas. Hearty dishes such as Dalmatian roast beef can be enjoyed wonderfully there. And also light fish dishes and seafood delicacies are on the menu. In addition, you should not miss a detour to the beaches of Punta Skala, Uskok, and Jadran, which are also on the Zadar Riviera. The taxi boat takes you to the island of Ugljan with its long beaches and charming bays.

Hiking and nature lovers leave Croatia's beaches to explore the region's national parks. 31 miles east of Zadar is the Paklenica National Park with its dramatic cliff faces, mysterious caves, and mythical caves. Numerous animal species have found a home in the dense pine forests. With a bit of luck, you'll spot a wildcat with your binoculars. If the landscape looks familiar, you are probably a fan of the Winnetou films. They were filmed there. Krka is another national park in the Dalmatia region. Its attraction is the seven waterfalls. Head to the island with a visit to the Kornati National Park, which consists of an archipelago with 89 islets and reefs. There is much to discover on land and below the surface of the water.

Porec in Croatia - An Award-Winning Region for Your Vacation

If you want to vacation in Croatia to admire a UNESCO World Heritage Site and relax on long beaches, Porec is the place for you. This town in the region of Istria has received several awards from tourist associations.

One of the highlights in the World Heritage Euphrasia Basilica with its magnificent architecture. Right at the beginning of the old town is the historic Freedom Square, where concerts are held regularly. The old city wall of Porec, which was built in the Middle Ages, takes you back to old times. Marvel at opulent baroque frescoes in the former Gothic Franciscan Church, which was built in the 12th century. Art exhibitions are also regularly held there.

Of course, Porec also has a lot to offer in terms of nature for a vacation in Croatia. Most of the extensive coastal landscape has been awarded the Blue Flag, which stands for particularly clean water. Croatia's beaches near Porec are particularly beautiful and perfect a stay in a hotel or apartment. For example, how about relaxing hours on the Donji Spadici beach, which consists of pebbles and rocks.

It has an excellent infrastructure with restaurants, cafés, and sports equipment rental. Tanning in the sun and enjoying the cool water is also possible on the city beach Gradsko kupaliste. If you like, you can let off steam there playing volleyball or table tennis. You can go on romantic pedal boat rides at Strandhotel Parentium. Various restaurants are also located, in which Istrian specialties are served, among other things. You can completely let go of your clothes at the nudist beach Ulika. In the northern bays of Porec are the beaches Mali Maj and Saladinka, where dogs are also welcome. The Brijuni archipelago is an ideal excursion destination in the vicinity of Porecto a big national park. It has a scenic nature and was once the destination for celebrity luxury travel.

Split in Croatia - Travel to the Heart of Dalmatia

With around 210,000 inhabitants, Split is the second largest city in the country after Zagreb. If you are vacationing in Croatia, you have found a historic and exciting travel destination in Split. It lies in the heart of Dalmatia and is framed by majestic mountains.

The 1,700-year-old city is a veritable open-air museum. Diocletian's Palace was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. You can stroll along the Riva promenade, while there are many shops and restaurants in the center. Thus, a journey through time to antiquity is just as possible as a detour into a diverse nightlife. Dalmatian specialties such as lobster, tuna risotto, and freshly caught fish are on the menu.

Croatia's beaches are particularly beautiful near Split. Extremely popular and busy in the city beach of Bacvice, where the Blue Flag flies. In the sand, children build castles and adults tan their skin. If you are looking for more peace and quiet, then you don't have to look far for it. The beaches along the Marjan peninsula and the Slatine beach on Ciovo offer a lot of relaxation. A lively beach life awaits you on the Ovcice beach and on the Trstenik beach, which are also near Split. You will find beautiful natural landscapes in the Bikovo Nature Park. Hiking and climbing is also possible there, as the park has imposing mountains. The peaks reach heights of 5,577 feet.

Pirate Tip: Plitvice Lakes National Park in the Lika Region

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and was one of the first natural monuments to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. It is located in the hilly karst region of central Croatia, approx. 34 miles as the crow flies from the Adriatic coast, is world-famous for its cascading lakes and is still home to all animal species in the protected area that were native to this area before humans settled there. Due to the untouched nature, animals such as brown bears, which have already been exterminated elsewhere in Europe, can also be found there. A great excursion destination and vacation highlight for families too!

The Most Beautiful Islands in Croatia

There is no official information on the number of Croatian islands. The numbers vary between 1,185 and 124. Of these, however, only 5% are inhabited and some of Croatia's inhabited islands are simply incredibly small.

The smallest inhabited island is Ist, at less than 3 square miles. It is located in the Zadar archipelago and is inhabited by over 180 people. The largest Croatian islands are Krk and Cres in the Kvarner Gulf and Brac in central Dalmatia.

Here are the 6 most beautiful islands that you can visit on your Croatia vacation:

Galešnjak: Island of Lovers

You won't believe it, but there is an island in Europe that looks like a heart when viewed from above. It was only "discovered" by Google Earth in 2004 and the TV channel CNN also reported on the island as one of the few natural phenomena. The owners of this private island, Mr. and Mrs. Juresko, are delighted with this attention. You now rent out your island for romantic picnics. The small island measures a maximum of 1,600 feet and is located not far from the city of Zadar. Galešnjak has only two small piers for boats and a pebbly sandy beach. In the future, couples will say yes here. You can find more inspiration for your honeymoon here.

Rab: Island of the Lucky Ones

The Mediterranean climate, beautiful bays, and wonderful places make Rab one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Adriatic.

The main town on the island of Rab is the town of the same name, Rab, with its districts of Mundanije, Palit, Barbat, and Banjol. The old town of Rab has numerous sights and will take you back in time. Around the settlements there are wonderful beaches and dreamlike bathing bays. The good ferry connection gives you very good connections to the mainland.

Krk: Island of Families

The island in the north of the Kvarner Bay is extremely difficult for us to pronounce - "KKKKKrrrkkkkkk". But getting there is easier. The island is connected to the mainland via a concrete bridge (the second largest in the world), making it easy to get here by car. The island can also be reached by flight. The popular vacation island has many great bathing bays, a harbor with a beautiful promenade, and a modern and historic part. In the modern district you will find vacation homes, apartments, hotels, and resorts. Through the medieval city gate you reach the urban city center. Shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants bustle about directly on the "Vela Placa" square. Families and children particularly like the Drazica beach area, which slopes gently into the crystal-clear sea. But you can also experience bathing fun on the many other fantastic beaches and bays. Krk is ideal for family vacations.

Foto © Ivo Biocina

Lošinj: Island of Fragrance

The beautiful island of Lošinj is located southwest of the island of Cres at the beginning of the Kvarner Bay. About 7,000 people live here, who can look forward to 300 days of sunshine every year. Due to the mild and warm climate, there are several thousand plant species here, which literally explode and bloom in spring and summer. If you don't just want to lie around, there are numerous ways to get active. Whether tennis, hiking, sailing or many other excursions - there is something for everyone here. The unique underwater world with corals, shells, schools of fish, algae and spongesis also very interesting for diving. On the island itself you will find many sacred buildings, museums and galleries. The absolute highlight here is probably the "Apoxiomen"—a statue of a Greek athlete. Lošinj is known for a healthy and Mediterranean cuisine, in which you will mainly find fish and seafood.

Palagruža: Island of Lonely People

The furthest away from the mainland is probably the island of Palagruža. It is located about 68 nautical miles south of Split.

Distinguishing feature of this island is the Palagruza lighthouse, which was built in 1875 between the Croatian and Italian coasters. It is at an altitude of 295 feet, so you should be fit enough to go on vacation here.

The island is a nature reserve and has numerous species of flora and fauna. The sea around Palagruza is very rich in fish, but it is forbidden for individual diving. But there are also two very well-maintained hiking trails, which lead to the northern side of the island (in the pebble bay Stara Vlaka) and to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic ("Juzno Zlato").

Vis: Island of History

The island of Vis is less well-known, but no less beautiful. Things are a little quieter here, but that will certainly change soon. You can still have a relaxed vacation here and not like in the often overcrowded resorts. About 3,500 people live on the island, which consists of two places: the island's capital of the same name, Vis town, and the tourist town of Komiza. There is no airport here, so you have to arrive by ferry. There are several times a day from Split over to the island, with a journey time of around 2.5 hours. If you are traveling by car, you can also take it with you—this is also recommended, as there are only a few buses here. One of the most beautiful beaches is probably the "Beach Milena". This beach is ideal for families and children in particular, as the water is just knee-deep. Perfect for your family vacation! Two roads lead to this beach: the old road through the village of Podstrazje and the new one through Stoncica. Vis is full of history and stories. It has even left its mark under water: sunken shipwrecks covered by shells lie on the seabed around Vis.

Beach Vacation in Croatia: The Most Popular Bathing Destinations in Croatia

Croatia's bays and beaches stretch from northern Istria through Split and the Makarska Riviera down to Dubrovnik. The islands in the Adriatic Sea offer the finest in bathing fun and each has its own charm. Whether you are planning a romantic stay for two, a wild party trip or a beach vacation with the whole family, Croatia offers perfect vacation conditions!

These are the 11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

Croatia offers some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe. Turquoise blue water, perfect sandy beaches and beautiful islands. Can it be better? It can! On top of that, prices in Croatia are still really affordable. And these are still not the only advantages of beaches in Croatia. You have some of these beautiful sandy beaches almost all to yourself. Some stretches of beach in Croatia are still considered insider tips in Europe.

Here we show you the 11 most beautiful beaches in Croatia that you should definitely have seen:

1. Punta Rata

Punta Rata beach is located in a nature reserve near the town of Brela. The crystal clear, turquoise water, together with the idyllic location, makes this beach not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, but also in the world. Punta Rata has been voted into the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world several times.

The beach here is sparkling clean and has smooth pebbles and the many pine trees are ideal for those looking for shade on a beach vacation. In the immediate vicinity of the shore, a light-colored limestone rock protrudes from the water, which is covered by a few gnarled pine trees. This rock is not only the landmark of the region, but also the namesake for the city of Brela.

2. Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat Beach, or "Golden Horn" in English, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, if not the entire Adriatic. The horn-shaped beach protrudes hundreds of feet into the sea and changes shape depending on the current. You can find this impressive piece of beach in Bol on the island of Brač, not far from the well-known port city of Split in Dalmatia. The white pebble beach changes direction depending on the weather, making it one of the most important sights on the Adriatic. The crystal clear water and the pebble bottom are also suitable for snorkeling.

Photo © Aleksandar Gospic

3. Vela Plaža

A true natural beauty is Vela Plaža in Baška on the island of Krk. Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, this fine pebble beach offers an idyllic bathing environment that is second to none. Families with children in particular are often drawn to this great place.

But the area on the southern coast of the island of Krk offers not only family recreation. Thanks to the many bars, restaurants, and live music, there really is something for everyone here. The only small downer is that in the high season it is now quite crowded.

4. Bijeca

In the south of the Istrian peninsula, the shallow sandy bay of Bijeca stretches along the Adriatic coast for a length of almost a mile. Therefore, this beach is also perfect for a family vacation with children. The water in the bay is knee deep and in midsummer it even reaches bathtub temperatures!

Swimmers can just wade a little further out while the little ones play safely near the shore. The extensive range of water sports ranges from jet skiing and windsurfing to banana riding and parasailing.

Photo © Boris Kacan

5. Vela Pržina

Silky, fine sandy beaches are not the norm in Croatia. This is exactly why Croatians love the Vela Pržina with its "silky sand" on the Croatian island of Korcula in Lumbarda. In the sheltered large bay you can swim and have an incomparable view of the open sea and the island of Lostovo.

6. Sakarun

Located on the island of Dugi Otok off the Croatian Adriatic coast, Sakarun is one of the most famous beaches in the city of Zadar. You can reach Sakuran in just 1.5 hours by ferry.

The 2,624 feet long sandy beach and the turquoise blue water attract numerous visitors and the very light-colored sand and the clear water are reminiscent of paradisiacal conditions that allow for pure relaxation and recreation. Sakarun Beach is surrounded by pine trees that provide welcome shade in summer. The Sakuran beach is especially great for families , as the water is very shallow at the beginning and thus also offers optimal bathing fun for smaller children.

7. Pupnatska

In the south of the island of Korcula, the bathing bay Pupnatska stretches in front of a densely overgrown mountain landscape, in a narrow arm of the sea, along the coast. The beach consists of fine pebbles and the waves lap gently on the shore. The water is incredibly clear and a paradise for snorkeling and swimming.

8. Slanica

Slanica is a small sandy beach lined with dense greenery with turquoise waters. It is very shallow in the clear waters - almost like in a Caribbean lagoon. The beach is located on the Dalmatian island of Murter and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Adults can wade up to 98 feet out into the sea along the gently sloping stretch of coast.

9. Prapratno

A white sandy beach in a picturesque bay framed by olive and pine trees. The water glows like in the Maldives. Welcome to the Croatian peninsula of Pelješac! Here you will find the Prapratno beach. A family-friendly sandy beach that slopes gently into the sea for 328 feet across its entire width. The beach stretches along the south side of the promontory on the Adriatic coast. Shady pines and ancient olive trees grow near the shore and below the water surface the visibility is 459 feet. The first-class infrastructure includes freshwater showers, changing rooms and parasol rental.

10. Rajska Plaza

The green Adriatic island of Rab is a jewel in the Kvarner Bay and has a wonderful sandy beach to offer with the Rajska Plaza. The bright green water and the 1.5 km long sandy beach are in great demand in summer and ideal for active people and families . The crystal-clear water invites you to swim, snorkel and dive and in the hinterland deep pine and holm oak forests stretch along the slopes. In the knee-deep water, small children can safely splash around and even adults have to wade more than 100 meters into the sea to swim.

11. Stoncica

In the north of the Croatian island of Vis, not far from the lighthouse, is the fine sandy beach of Stoncica. Vis is the largest island in Central Dalmatia and is located around 24 miles from the mainland. In addition to beautiful beaches, there is an abundance of impressive hiking trails on the island of Vis. The routes lead into the mountains and along the rugged coast. Secluded bays with turquoise-green water lie at the feet of hikers. The small bay is secluded in the countryside. Boats can anchor well here. The "Hawaii of Vis" is pleasantly quiet and invites you to relax.

Photo © Aleksandar Gospic

Beach Vacation with Dogs in Croatia

There are official dog beaches throughout Croatia. such as B. the Redagara on Krk, the Zarok near Baska or the dog beach Kasuni on the Marijan peninsula near Split. Dogs are not allowed on the public beaches, but there are no problems in the bays and on the wild beaches. As a dog owner, it is best to first find out about a suitable beach and then look for accommodation nearby.

Beach Vacation with Children in Croatia

Going on a beach vacation to Croatia with children is no problem at all. You should only be careful not to end up in one of the relevant party destinations such as Porec, Zadar, Makarska, or Zrce. The rocky beaches and sea urchins can sometimes be a challenge for children, but with flip-flops it's not a problem. Families with young children should avoid the hot August in southern Croatia and prefer the more temperate Istria.

Party & Nightlife in Croatia

Slowly but surely, Croatia is catching up with the party destinations of Ibiza and Mallorca: in summer, festivals spring up all over the place, entire beaches become party zones and party life flourishes in the inner cities. Every year more and more party people come to Croatia to really let it all out on the Croatian Adriatic coast. Many cities and towns in Croatia have already established themselves as real party hotspots . High time for you to discover the Croatian Adriatic! Because in addition to the clubs and bars, the incomparable nature, the countless islands, the small bays, the wide sandy beaches and the Croatian cuisine are all attractive!

Foto © Aleksandar Gospic

Zrce, THE Party Beach in Croatia

Zrce Beach in Novalja on the island of Pag is the quintessential party destination in Croatia and is even dubbed the “Croatian Ibiza” ! In the clubs Aquarius, Papaya, Kalypso and Noa you can dance to the hottest beats of the trendiest DJs, starting at lunchtime. You can also have fun in the numerous bars . Season is from June to the end of September.

Porec, Party Hotspot in Northeastern Croatia

In north-eastern Croatia, Porec is the undisputed number 1 when it comes to partying! A must-see here is Byblos, one of Croatia's biggest and hippest clubs, attracting locals and tourists alike. But the other clubs and bars in Porec are also highly recommended.

Zadar, Party in Croatia's Port City

Don't be fooled by the beautiful, historical setting, because Zadar is the place to be! The third largest city in Croatia offers you a lot of hip clubs and bars such as Club The Garden. As for bars, we can especially recommend the Beach Bar Bamboo and Ledan. But it's best to let yourself drift and be spontaneous.

Split, Party in the Biggest City in Croatia

As the largest city in Croatia, Split will not disappoint you party-wise! You can find thousands of good cafés, bars and clubs all over the city. And when it comes to after-hours parties, Split also has a lot up its sleeve. On the Bacvice beach you will find many great party locations. Otherwise we recommend you to start with F-Caffe, Ghetto, Puls 2 and Hedonist Bar. Later, it's best to continue to the Hemingway Bar, the Vanilla Music Club or the Tropic Club Ecuador. A special highlight of your vacation would of course be the famous Ultra Europe Festival in Split in July.

Hvar, the Party Island in Croatia

Hvar is a town on the island of Hvar and we can promise you one thing: you won't get bored here! In summer you have a variety of cool clubs and cocktail bars here. We were particularly impressed by Club Seven and Hulla Hulla Beach Bar. In Hvar you will find a more demanding clientele. Sip your cocktails with pleasure, enjoy the strong Croatian red wine, visit one of the numerous beach bars and then go to the club to party.

Foto © Boris Kacan