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The Best Travel Deals for Your Vacation to Greece

Vacation in Greece: Dream Beaches and Rich History

Countless islands, olive groves, bays and beaches, winding streets in fishing villages, and spectacular views of the sea: the diversity of Greece's mainland and the islands is unique! Each region of Greece is unmistakable, no two islands are alike. Fantastic areas are the Ionian Sea with islands like Corfu, the Aegean Sea with the Cyclades Islands, and the Dodecanese or Crete, just to name a few. You will notice that the country is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Mediterranean and Europe, in general for a reason.

Greece is so multifaceted that it is difficult to decide on an island, city, or region as a travel destination. If you are still undecided about where to go on your next vacation, want to be inspired, or are simply looking for information about Greece: You will find it here! We have put together the most important things about Greece for you.

General & Interesting Facts about Greece

Greece is one of the most popular vacation destinations! Every summer, millions of visitors flock to the beautiful islands or mainland to enjoy the warm climate and sun, but also to explore the country's endless beaches and impressive sights.

The main city in the country is Athens – the oldest capital in Europe. There you are surrounded by the interesting history of Greece. For example, visit the Acropolis and immerse yourself in antiquity.

Entry into Greece

A US passport is sufficient for entering Greece. Greece is a part of the Schengen zone and US citizens are entitled to spend up to 90 days in a 180 day period in the entire Schengen zone without a visa. Being a part of the Schengen area, the customs regulations of the European Union apply.

Arrival to Greece

Greece has a large number of international airports. The most important ones can be found in Athens, Thessaloniki, and in Heraklion on Crete. There are also direct flights to numerous islands such as Rhodes or Santorini. Budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair also operate flights to Corfu and Thessaloniki once in the EU, among others.

Getting there by bus or car via Serbia and North Macedonia is possible, but lengthy. If you still want to visit Greece by car or motorhome, you can use various ferries from Italy. Many of the Aegean islands are accessible by ferry from Athens. There are also ferry connections to Chania and Heraklion on Crete.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Greece?

Greece is a destination that you can visit basically any time of the year, due to more than 300 days of sunshine a year! The best travel time for your Greece beach vacation is from May up to and including October. The temperatures in July and August are very high, which is why you should avoid hiking and extensive sightseeing tours in midsummer. In addition, these months are the high season, so it can get crowded and a bit more expensive. Spring is particularly suitable for hiking and outdoor fans. September is ideal for families.

The Mainland

On the mainland you will find cities steeped in history, such as the fascinating cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, fishing villages in the Chalkidiki region, old fortresses in the Peloponnese or adventurous and relaxing hiking trails in Epirus.

A Few Highlights:

  • Athens is the capital of Greece and houses, among other things, the popular city fortress Acropolis on a temple hill. In the Acropolis Museum you can see sculptures, vases, jewelry, and other ancient objects.

  • Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and the center of the northern province of Macedonia. From Thessaloniki you can reach the islands of Lemnos, Thassos, and Samothraki by ferry.

  • Kavala and the bay of the same name are a vacation region that is visited by private and small planes in summer. Here you will find small homes, larger hotels, and crystal clear water.

  • Vacations on Chalkidiki, the peninsula with the three promontories, is particularly popular with the Greeks themselves as a trip and vacation destination. The long sandy beaches attract families and partiers alike.

  • The monastic republic of Athos is also on Halkidiki, but can only be visited by prior arrangement and for a limited time. The monastery region is not accessible to women.

  • The port city of Volos is considered one of the most beautiful Greek cities and is located in a sheltered bay north of Athens.

  • Located south of Athens, the Peloponnese peninsula is rich in ancient sites and monuments. The municipality of Kalamata in the south of the peninsula is famous for its sandy beach.

  • Inland, mountainous regions such as the Pindos National Park, north of Ioannina, attract nature lovers and hikers.

  • Located in the Pindos Mountains of northern Greece, Thessaloniki's Vikos Gorge is the deepest gorge in the world. It is 2,952 feet deep and has an opening of 328 to 3,600 feet. Pirate tip: We recommend a detour to the beautiful enchanted bridges of Missios and Plakidas.

The Greek Islands

Island hopping anyone? Then off to Greece! You will find 6,000 islands here, not all of them are inhabited. The country's 8,498 mi long coastline offers you a vacation experience of miles of beaches, sheltered bays, dunes, pebble beaches, caves, steep cliffs, dark-colored volcanic sand, and much more.

  • It is said that Crete is not an island, Crete is a world of its own! In fact, the largest of the Greek islands is very diverse and has great scenery to offer. Our tips for the island: Visit the even quieter south of Crete.

  • Whitewashed houses, oil mills and azure sea: The Cyclades with Mykonos, Santorini and Paros form the most famous group of islands in Greece. The islands are connected by ferry services, so you can hop from island to island.

  • The well-known vacation islands of Kos and Rhodes belong to the Dodecanese group of islands. A trip to Symi is also worthwhile.

  • Corfu is the largest and most important of the Ionian Islands and is located in the very north of the archipelago. Corfu is also called the green island because of the lush vegetation. The most beautiful sandy beaches can be found in the north of the island.

  • The other Ionian islands like Kefalonia and Zakynthos are a little less known than Corfu but no less beautiful.

Pirate Tip: Little known, but incomparably magical, is the small island of Paxos south of Corfu. There are hardly any larger hotels there, but there are family homes and authentic taverns. You can get to Paxos by ferry from Igoumenitsa.

Which Island Suits Me?

Did you know that there are 6,000 islands and islets in Greece? Finding the right island for your vacation can be complicated. It's good that we've summarized for you which island is suitable for whom!


Vacations on Crete - The all-rounder destination: On Crete you will find everything from beaches to mountains for hiking to cultural attractions. There is no room for boredom on the largest island in Greece! Follow in the footsteps of Greek mythology or splash around in turquoise water! The north of Crete is more touristic, the south more original. The island is therefore particularly suitable for families and "Greece vacation beginners".


Vacations on Santorini - the luxurious dream setting: Santorini really is an absolute dream destination. The island is incredibly beautiful and the blue and white houses have become a real Instagram cult. You should have seen the island once in your life! However, quieter places await you on Santorini, for example Megalochori is worth a visit, and black sand beaches await you in the east of the island.


Vacations on Rhodes - dream island with sun guarantee: Rhodes is the most popular tourist island after Crete. The advantage of Rhodes: It is extremely sunny here! In summer you are practically guaranteed sun on Rhodes. For those who not only want a beach vacation, but also culture, there is, for example, the old town in Rhodes Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or sights such as the Acropolis of Lindos.


Vacations on Kos - for families & couples: Although Kos is the third largest of the Dodecanese islands, it is relatively small compared to Rhodes. On Kos you can just relax and enjoy your vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. The beaches at Tigaki in the north or Agios Theologos in the south-west are particularly recommended. Kos offers a variety of family-friendly hotels and has many gently sloping sandy beaches.


Vacations in Corfu - the green paradise: Corfu and its neighbors such as Lefkada or Kefalonia captivate with their green landscapes. The impressive vegetation and the mountains are ideal for nature lovers and hiking fans in particular are in the right place on Corfu! A vacation in Corfu is also worthwhile for pirates who are more interested in culture, as you can visit the old town of Corfu Town, for example, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


Vacations on Mykonos - the celebrity island: As on Santorini, numerous stars and starlets can be found on Mykonos every year. But even if you don't have the wherewithal to stay in the luxurious hotels and sip champagne at the trendy beach bars, it's still worth a visit: Not least because of the numerous beautiful beaches and the town of Ano Mera in the interior of the island.

Island Hopping Greece

Can't make up your mind despite our summaries? Then we can recommend you island hopping! Many Greek islands are not far apart and especially in the summer months there are regular ferries between the islands, where a ticket sometimes only costs a few euros.

In addition, you can also treat yourself to a night on the beautiful luxury island of Santorini with a smaller budget and otherwise spend your vacation cheaper on one of the other dream islands.

Island hopping is particularly popular in the Cyclades. There you have the choice of numerous islands, some of which are only sparsely populated. But you can also "hop" in the Ionian Sea or between the Dodecanese islands.

The Most Beautiful Beaches

What would a vacation in Greece be without the sea and the incomparable beaches? Only half as nice! The bathing landscape of Greece is a real paradise for water lovers! 545 beaches were even awarded the "blue flag" seal of approval in 2022 - a seal for particularly clean and well-organized beaches. You want more action? In Greece you can also practice windsurfing, surfing, flyboarding, waterskiing, kitesurfing, paddling, canoeing, wakeboarding, paragliding...

We have put together a few highlights for you so that you can choose the right beaches between golden sandy beaches, colorful pebbles, and steep rocks.

Balos Beach - Crete

What a fantastic view! Balos Beach is located in a bay on the west coast of the island of Crete. Above all, the associated lagoon with its turquoise water makes Balos Beach one of our absolute Greek beach highlights!

Especially with children, Balos Beach is very suitable for a trip, as the water here is shallow and warm.

Navagio Beach - Zakynthos

You have probably already seen pictures of Navagio Beach, as it is one of the flagships of Greece! With its white sandy beach and marble cliffs, Navagio Beach has quickly become the most photographed beach in Greece. Here you can swim, sunbathe, or simply enjoy the scenery.

By the way, the bay is also known as Smugglers Cove - we pirates feel undoubtly comfortable there ;)

Sarakiniko - Milos

A true Instagram dream! The white rocks of Sarakiniko meandering through the turquoise waters are almost reminiscent of a lunar landscape.

Relax on the small beach, explore the caves, or just take a few souvenir photos!

Porto Katsiki - Lefkada

Yes, the water really is that clear here! Located on the Ionian island of Lefkada, Porto Katsiki is sure not to disappoint when you visit. Climb the stairs carved into the rock down to the beautiful sandy beach and marvel at the imposing cliff landscape.

No wonder that Porto Katsiki is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

Cavo Paradiso Beach - Kos

Beaches don't always have to be white sand to be gorgeous. Cavo Paradiso Beach on the island of Kos proves this!

If you are looking for a secluded beach without many visitors, then definitely check out Cavo Paradiso Beach! But first you have to leave the rather bad road conditions by car and the rocky cliffs of Cape Krikélos behind you. But it's worth it!

Voidokilia Beach - Messinia, Mainland

Finally, of course, we also have a beach on the mainland for you! The Voidokilia beach is something special because of its almost circular shape. Because the shape is reminiscent of the Greek letter Omega, the landscape is also known as Oxbelly Bay.

Here you can snorkel or watch birds, because they like to look for their nesting sites in the bay. Due to the sheltered location, the water in the lagoon is always a little warmer.

Sights: What to See in Greece

Greece is considered the cradle of European culture. Ancient sights are so numerous that you will stumble upon them! To this day, history is encountered in every corner of the country. The imposing Parthenon, the Macedonian royal tomb of Vergina, the Epidaurus Theater with its ancient dramas and of course the breathtaking Meteora monasteries are just a few of the cultural highlights to be discovered in Greece. You have to take your time for one of these buildings: Visiting the Acropolis above Athens is an absolute must! The ancient place of worship of the goddess Athena still dominates the cityscape of modern Athens.

Our pirate tip: everyone wants to see the Acropolis, so it can get crowded. It's better if you don't go up until around 6 p.m. - two hours before the end. Then there is less going on and you will experience a spectacular view over Athens at sunset.

Incidentally, the Greek gods officially reside in Mount Olympus , which is located in Macedonia, in the northern part of mainland Greece. At 2,918 meters, Mount Olympus is the highest mountain range in Greece and can be hiked during the warm season. From Litochoro, marked hiking trails lead up into the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Other Cultural Highlights:

  • Benaki Museum

  • Theater Odeon of Herodes Atticus

  • Oracle of Delphi

  • Cape Sounion

  • Temple of Athena at Aegina

  • Peloponnese/ Argolis, the legendary Mykene archaeological site

  • The Heraion of Samos

  • Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos on Patmos

  • Thessaloniki's many UNESCO heritage monuments (including the churches of Agios Dimitrios, Agia Sophia & the Vlatadon Monastery)

  • The impressive castles in the South Peloponnese

  • Silk art in the small town of Soufli in Thrace

  • Palace of Knossos in Crete

Greek Cuisine: A Culinary Feast

Greek cuisine is world-renowned, but in order to enjoy authentic dishes, it is best to avoid the relevant tourist taverns with 100 seats and more. It gets interesting in the villages and in the local taverns. There you don't ask for the card, but ask what's available. It is not necessarily common among Greeks to order an individual main course. It's more common to fill the table with "meze," which are small appetizers that everyone uses.

Greek cuisine is very diverse and has everything from very unhealthy to extremely healthy, because the Greeks "don't eat to live, they live to eat". When dining with Greeks, you can be sure that you will have a great time as meals are always a social, lively occasion. That's why lunch and dinner can sometimes take several hours, but on vacation you have time!

The Greeks attach great importance to regional products and simple dishes without much frills, which should still taste good. Therefore, they rely more on herbs and olive oil than on exotic spices. Of course, the good Greek wine and ouzo should not be missing with the meal! You can find out what other typical Greek dishes are here.

Greek Specialties

  • Dakos

  • Moussaka

  • Souvlaki

  • Pastitsio

  • Spanakopita

  • Griechischer Salat

  • Botargo

  • Melitinia Kekse

  • Spetsofai

  • Suppen wie Fasolada oder Spanakorizo

  • Tzatziki (wer kann sich ein Leben ohne Tzatziki überhaupt noch vorstellen?)

Our Pirate Insider Tips

Of course, we wouldn't be the pirates if we didn't have a few real insider tips up our sleeves that we discovered on our own trips to Greece!

Ramon: Vegan Gyros

"Gyros are one of the must-do's of every vacation in Greece, but if you eat vegetarian or even vegan, then of course the whole thing becomes difficult. In the capital Athens they have a very small restaurant called "Vegan Beat Athens" Found selling vegan mushroom based gyros pita and that was daaaaammmmt close to the original!”

Marc A.: Paralia Panormos Beach on Naxos

"The Cyclades island in the Mediterranean, battered by the wind and with rough seas, is very diverse. We were particularly taken with the only palm beach on the island. First you cross a mountain ridge to get to the very sparsely populated east side of the island. At the bottom in the south at the end of the road, which always meanders along the coast, lies the dream beach in a beautiful bay. The palm trees and the mirror-like sea are clearly the special feature of the remote beach. Even in the high season there is little going on here due to the location."

Steffi: Wine Tasting & Agiofili Beach on Lefkada

"Admittedly, I discover new, wonderful places on every trip to Greece, which is why it was difficult for me to decide. I have two (secret) tips for you: First, I can recommend a wine tasting followed by a meal at the Artemis Karamolegos winery on Santorini. Here it is wonderfully idyllic, many ingredients come from the garden and under the many trees the midday sun doesn't bother too much. Tip two is the Agiofili Beach on Lefkada. In September I was lucky enough to be almost alone to be allowed to be on the beach. However, getting there is quite adventurous."

Leonie: My tips for Thessaloniki

"In the boat bar Cruise Bar you can sip cocktails at sunset. The Little Big House is a nice hostel right in the old town. If you want a great view, you should visit the Castra - All Day Terrace Bar ! And for vegans I can do that recommend vegan restaurant rOOTS."

EckMarc: The lonely beaches on Syros

"If you are island hopping on the Cycladic island of Syros, then I would like to recommend the relatively unspoilt north of the island to you. At some point the road just ends and then you have to continue on foot via numerous goat paths through the mountainous landscape. On both sides As you climb the ridge you will gradually spot headlands and secluded coves, although those on the western side are much easier to get to.You will sweat and possibly scratch your legs on the spiky bushes, but it is worth it as you can look for one strenuous hike your own beachdiscover, because in case of doubt you only have to share with a few goats. For your well-deserved dinner, I recommend the Plakostroto tavern in Ai Michalis, where you can confidently order everything on the menu. There is also a fantastic view of the sea for free!"

Practical Travel Tips for Greece

Accommodation in Greece

In Greece you will find accommodation of all categories. There are many large resorts in the tourist centers, and there are also smaller family-run guesthouses in the smaller towns and islands. During the summer, and especially in August, the Greeks themselves like to vacation and move to the beaches. That 's why you should book in advance, if necessary even take advantage of early bird offers and not rely on your luck. There are also campsites in Greece. Wild camping is forbidden in Greece.

Transport in Greece

Greece has an excellently developed bus network, which you can use to get to remote corners. In addition to rental cars, scooters, or quads can also be rented on a daily basis in many vacation resorts.

Ferries from the mainland to and between the islands are surprisingly cheap and ferries run frequently. Many islands have small airports and are served by regional airlines.

Greece by Car

If you are only in Greece for a short city trip, a car is not necessary. Otherwise, it makes perfect sense to rent a car. For example, if you land at Athens airport and rent a car, you can explore the beautiful region of Viotia with all its charming towns and breathtaking landscapes. The more distant regions of Evrytania and Fthiotida are also worthwhile! A car is also an advantage on the Peloponnese peninsula: You can explore all the must-sees in a relaxed manner and without time pressure - from the amphitheater to the temple of Apollon Epikourios. Also in northern Greece meanwhile you are making good progress with the car. Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city, is an ideal starting point.

Cars are rented on almost all islands and in larger cities. To rent a car, you must be at least 21 years old and have a driver's license. You can also rent scooters almost everywhere.

Greece Without a Car

You think without a car you are at a disadvantage in Greece? Not necessarily! Because car-free islands in particular promise you a lot of peace and quiet. Therefore, we can recommend the island of Hydra for a vacation in Greece without a car, because you won't be the only ones without a car here: there are no cars at all!

One of the ways to get around here is by boat, and the 21st century still seems a long way off. As a result, the pace on the beautiful island is of course a lot slower and that alone promises pure relaxation!

Greece also has well-developed bus lines. For example, if you are on vacation on the island of Rhodes, you don't have to worry about how to get from A to B. You can get to almost anywhere by bus quickly and cheaply. Of course, you are still a bit more limited when it comes to flexibility, but you will probably save a lot of money in return.

Package Vacations in Greece

You want to get the all-round carefree package for your Greece vacation and the overall service with an overall price? Then secure your price advantage and conveniently book a package vacation for your dream destination in Greece.

Package vacations to Greece have been popular since the 1950s. And that's no wonder, because in just 3 to 4 hours you can reach fantastic destinations at reasonable prices! A package vacation is also ideal for single travelers.

Greece for Backpackers

Greece is ideal for a backpacker trip! The road network is well developed and you can use other travel options such as ferries or buses optimally and inexpensively here. A special backpacker advantage in Greece is the number of airports: there are almost 40 airports here, through which you can get from A to B even faster and also get to know the different islands.

Routes from Athens or Thessaloniki are particularly popular. Then you can, for example, along the coast or through the mountain regions, which will inspire you with their impressive nature.