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Caribbean holiday paradise: dreaming of turquoise oceans and endless beaches

Are you ready for vacation and longing for a break on a white sand beach?, Would you like to spend your days wandering through pretty little colonial cities? Are you hoping to discover exotic animals and plants in the tropical rainforest? Then a Caribbean holiday is perfect for you! The Bahamas, Curacao, Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic - these are destinations that make Caribbean dreams come true. We'll tell you everything you need to know about planning your optimal Caribbean vacation.

The Caribbean is probably the holiday destination par excellence, if one thinks of paradise beaches and turquoise oceans. Hardly anywhere else in the world can you see so many different shades of blue in the sea and discover a huge variety of fish and coral reefs on your diveHolidays in the Caribbean are pure relaxation and adventure at once. Whether you're drinking piña coladas from a coconut on a Jamaica vacation, or swimming with pigs on holiday in the Bahamas  - all of this is possible in the Caribbean.

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Vacation in the Caribbean - but where to go?

Countless islands and destinations - but which one should you choose? For example, you can travel to one island and explore it through various excursions. Or you can set off island hopping. It's advisable to limit yourself to a region and travel between the islands by boat or plane. For example, you can discover the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao or tour through the Greater Antilles. We're here to introduce you to the most beautiful and popular Caribbean destinations.

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Caribbean vacation in Cuba

Cuba belongs to the Greater Antilles, along with the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. For decades, it was difficult for individual tourists to travel around the island. In recent history the travel policies have relaxed somewhat and it is slightly easier for Americans to enter Cuba. The historic city of Havana takes you back in time:

  • Fascinating colonial buildings that retain their original charm with just the necessary renovations
  • Older generations at their local cafes and bars
  • Music on every street corner

All this and more makes the capital of Cuba a great destination.


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Jamaica is a popular destination in the Caribbean not least of all because of its good plane connections. Direct flights will land in the middle of paradise: Jamaica offers endless sandy beaches. Negril in the far west of the island is a hotspot for divers and snorkelers. It's easy to join in the party on the island: with rum and reggae you can enjoy your holiday in style. 

Our pirate tip: Among the natural highlights of Jamaica are the Dunn's River Falls at Ocho Rios and the Blue Mountain Peak, the highest mountain in Jamaica at 2,256 meters.


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Cultural beach trip to Curacao

A vacation in Curacao means a trip to one of the most beautiful and interesting islands in the Caribbean. Curaçao has an interesting history and a multi-layered culture in addition to its white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. Wandering through Curaçao, also known as "Little Holland", you become aware of the Dutch, African, and Latin American influences, making it one of the most culturally diverse places in the Caribbean.

This island, which is part of the so-called ABC islands, is in many ways a dream destination: the beaches are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean and you can expect an exciting cultural mix. More than 50 nations are represented on Curacao, which is technically Netherlands territory. As a result, parts of the capital city of Willemstad are reminiscent of Amsterdam and are characterized by the colonial style. This interesting blend offers a little something different from your typical beach trip.

Curacao is the ideal destination if you want to combine seaside relaxation with a dose of urban flair . 

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Spice-filled Grenada

Grenada is often referred to as the "Spice Island", given that it supplies one third of the world's nutmeg, although cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, ginger, vanilla, saffron, turmeric, black and red pepper, and cacao also grow here.  However, a vacation in Grenada has much more to offer than just spices—this beautiful island charms every guest with its rainforests, mountains, volcanic lakes, rushing waterfalls, and dreamy Caribbean beaches.

A true paradise for relaxation, hiking, sailing, exploring, and much more!

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Dominican Republic, a zest for life

Experience pure Caribbean joie de vivre during a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Relax on the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and get to know the culture and interior of the island. The north is a mecca for kitesurfers while the Caribbean Sea in the south invites you to swim. For many Americans, a trip to the Dominican Republic is one thing above all else: a vacation with a sandy beach, sunshine guaranteed, and an all-inclusive hotel for a worry-free vacation. But don't settle in too soon, because this archipelago has so much more to offer.

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The butterfly island Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe not only has dreamy beaches and turquoise waters to offer, but also culinary delights, an interesting culture, and natural wonders such as an active volcano and the largest nature reserve in the Caribbean. Guadeloupe is technically French territory and therefore under European jurisdiction. 

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Under the palm trees in Trinidad & Tobago

On the two islands that make up the island state of Trinidad & Tobago, you will find an incredible diversity of flora and fauna as well as the origins of Calypso music. Add to this mixture beautiful white sandy beaches, good food, and Caribbean flair on every corner and it's easy to see why Trinidad & Tobago is a dream destination.


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Dominica - hot weather, hotter volcanoes

The island state of Dominica is part of the Lesser Antilles and lies between Guadeloupe and Martinique. Unofficially, Dominica is called "The Nature Island" because of its flora and fauna. Scenic Dominica stands out from many Caribbean islands, because you will not find the white sandy beaches thar are often associated with the Caribbean, but rather gray-black beaches that resulted from the volcanic formation of the island. All in all there are nine volcanoes on the island, countless small and large waterfalls, and dozens of hot springs in the middle of the jungle.

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines - a destination even more magical than the name itself

South of St. Lucia and north of Grenada is the island state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As the name suggests, the country is not just a single island. In addition to the main island of St Vincent, the 32 islands of the northern Grenadines belong to this island state. 

The Best Beaches In The Caribbean

As pirates there are a few things we know a lot about. One of them is buried treasure, but another Caribbean beaches. The Caribbean is full of beautiful islands and gorgeous beaches. Here are our top choices.

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1. Playa Flamenco, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Playa Flamenco tops our list for several reasons, starting with no need for a passport. Secondly, it is located on an island (Culebra) off of the coast of another island (Puerto Rico). Thirdly, you can camp directly on the beach. It is an incredible beach with the types of perks that few other beaches in the world can claim.

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2. Lighthouse Bay, Barbuda

This picture-perfect beach is located at the Lighthouse Bay Resort on the secluded island of Barbuda. This island is home to only around 2,000 people. This beach is the perfect place to get away in a luxurious way.

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3. The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The Baths is a unique beach and the most popular attraction on Virgin Gorda. The beach is covered in giant boulders (batholiths) that were brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. The effect is relaxing and a contract to other beaches.   

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4. Playas Del Este, Cuba

Cuba is full of amazing beaches. Though not a complete secret spot, this beach is often driven right past for the resort beaches of Varadero. This beach gives you all of the wonders of a Caribbean beach within the reach of intoxicating Havana. A great public beach to share with Cubans

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5. Cabbage Beach, Paradise Islands, Bahamas

Though unfortunately named, this beach offers stunning, perfect turquoise water. This idyllic water is the perfect stage for sunsets. It is also very common to find this beach empty, leaving just you and the water. 

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