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Wanna Maximize Your Travel in 2024? Turn 11 Days of PTO into 44 Days of Vacation 🗓️ 🤩

The U.S. is one of the only countries in the world that doesn't offer a minimum of Paid Time Off (PTO) days at a national level. Meaning, according to federal law, employees are entitled to 0 vacation days! Absolutely mind-blowing, right!?

However, if you're one of the lucky ones whose employer offers a set number of vacation days, and work a Monday to Friday job, this article is for you! Since the country-wide average for paid vacation is 11 days, and a lot of public holidays land on Mondays this year—we've combined weekends, public holidays, and the average 11 days of PTO to maximize your vacation time in 2024. We'll show you below how to turn 11 days of annual leave into 44 days of vacation.

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Turning 11 Days to 44

It's no secret that the US has a work-heavy culture. Americans often envy other countries around the world that offer a minimum of 24 vacation days (not including days off for public holidays) to their full-time workers. You may feel that making room for lots of travel in the next year is near to impossible without quitting your job, but we are here to show you that's not the case and how you can take the most advantage of your vacation time next year.

*Please note that the below example dates are made assuming you work a Monday-to-Friday schedule.

First, let's go over the National Public Holidays in the U.S.—These will be combined with the 11 days of PTO and weekends to maximize your vacation time.

Here's our suggestion for what days to take off and where to go;

Before we start, these months do not have any vacation days and are therefore blackout months in relation to this article; March, April, and August

Vacation Time in January: Start the Year Off Right

Since New Year's Day is a Monday, we recommend grabbing a trip from Saturday, December 30th - Tuesday, January 2nd. This gives you a four-day weekend to spend on vacation. Plus, you only have to take off one day.

Vacation Days Taken So Far: Four, 10 Left of Annual Leave

We know that you already took some time off in the month of January, and this is something you may have to mull over with your boss, but if you're really looking to extend your vacation time, we really recommend taking advantage of Martin Luther King Jr. Day always landing on a Monday. Similar to your New Year's Eve weekend trip, you can extend this trip to a Tuesday.

Vacation Days Taken So Far: Eight, Nine Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in January?

Vacation Time in February: The Month of Love

Though Valentine's Day isn't a public holiday, Presidents' Day is and this year it lands on Monday, February 19th, just five days after Valentine's Day. Why not take Friday the 16th off and extend your trip through Monday, the 19th? Grabbing four more days of vacation time.

Vacation Days So Far: 12, Eight Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in February?

Vacation Time in May: April's Showers Bring May Flowers

Though you haven't been able to really travel in March or April, May marks the perfect time to plan your next trip. With Memorial Day landing on Monday, May 27th, summer is just around the corner and this is the perfect chance to snag another four-day weekend. We recommend maybe traveling to the Caribbean or somewhere else outside the country as a lot of popular U.S. destinations will be packed.

Vacation Days So Far: 16, Seven Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in May?

Vacation Time in June: The True Start of Summer

Juneteenth lands on Wednesday, June 19th next year, so, you're going to want to reserve two days off. Perhaps Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st and extend your trip through the weekend. Wednesday, June 19th through Sunday, June 23rd (five days in total).

Vacation Days So Far: 21, Five Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in June?

Vacation in July: Let Freedom Ring!

Next year, Fourth of July lands on a Thursday. Make the most out of this summer holiday and take Friday the 5th off, making it a long weekend.

Vacation Days So Far: 25, Four Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in July?

Vacation in September: The End of Summer

Summer has come and is nearly gone. Labor Day next year falls on Monday, September 2nd. Take the following Tuesday off and make it another four-day weekend.

Vacation Days So Far: 29, Three Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in September?

Vacation in October: Catch the Changing Leaves

In October, we are going to avoid taking a day from your annual leave bank, but instead, you'll get to enjoy a three-day weekend with Monday, October 14th off.

Vacation Days So Far: 32, Three Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in October?

Vacation in November: Veteran's Day & With the Family for Thanksgiving

Veteran's Day is a public holiday on November 11th, so grab but this time we are not going to take a day away from annual leave and just keep it a three-day weekend.

As with every year, Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday of November. Take Friday, November 29th off as well and extend your vacation through the weekend, grabbing another four-day trip.

Vacation Days So Far: 39, Two Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in November?

Vacation in December: Home or Away for the Holidays?

Now, we come to the end of the year, but arguably the most wonderful time of the year! Finish off the year with one last public holiday that you can turn into a five-day weekend. Next year, Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday, so you'll want to take Thursday and Friday off along with the weekend.

Vacation Days So Far: 44, Zero Left of Annual Leave

Looking for suggestions on where to travel in December?

Time to start booking those vacation days, Pirates!

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