Explore Alaska: The Last Frontier

Snow, the northern lights, glaciers, national parks, breathtaking nature, and wild animals: you can find it all in Alaska. Although the winters can be long and cold, the summers make up for it with endless sunshine, temperate weather, and an environment in full bloom. Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter Alaska is a true dream destination for nature lovers and active travelers. It's also the cradle of the United States, as Alaska is theorized to be the first place in the Americas that was populated by humans. 

Attractions in Alaska

Alaska is an attraction in and of itself, but here are the absolute highlights:

  • Denali National Park and Denali Mountain, the highest mountain in North America and thus one of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each continet
  • The Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is definitely worth a visit, as the stunning terrain houses more than 1,000 glaciers
  • Kodiak Island, home to the famous Kodiak bears, which you can only reach by seaplane
  • Juneau, the capital of Alaska, has a population of just 32,000 people but still has plenty to do
  • The Tracy Arm Fjord is one of the most famous sights in Alaska and is just 20 km outside of Juneau 

The Best Places To Visit In Alaska

Alaska is one of the few US states that is still home to wild places.  There is an impressive amount of amazing wildlife sanctuaries, parks, and preserves. It also has some incredible cities to enjoy while you are there. Take some time and get out of the lower 48.

1. Anan Creek Bear Observatory in Alaska

Alaska has many great destinations and attractions, but voters on TripAdvisor chose the Anan Creek Bear Observatory in Wrangell, AK as the best.  The Observatory is located in Tongass National Forest and received the 2014 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. With waterfalls, watchtowers, and bears, there is a lot to love and some extreme sights.

2. Anchorage, Alaska's largest city

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city and number one destination. The city always surprises me in its warmth and break from popular northern stereotypes. Anchorage offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures and natural escapes. For nature lovers Anchorage is a must.

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3. Fairbanks, Alaska's Must-Do

Fairbanks is one of our favorite places to watch the Northern Lights. Hint: catch them between late Sept. and early April. For kids or families we recommend visiting the Wild West-style theme park Alaskaland Pioneer Park. It is a fun place to play and explore Alaska’s history. If you need to escape the now sprawling city, take McKinley Explorer train ride.

4. Juneau in Alaska

The ideal base for exploring the breathtaking Alaskan wildernessJuneau is deservingly famous for its fishing, kayaking,dog sledding, National Parks, whale-watching, and glacier trekking. Juneau offers visitors both a nature centered vacation and the benefits of a city.

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