Vacation in the South Pacific: Sunny skies and deep blue seas

If you're searching for paradise, look no further than the South Pacific. Maybe you've heard of Tahiti and Bora Bora, but you might be surprised to find that some of the most impressive islands are not necessarily the most popular destinations. With a bit more cash (on top of an admittedly expensive plane ticket) you can explore one of the less-visited islands and ditch the tourist crowds. Check out our top picks for the South Pacific and start dreaming of your slice of paradise. 

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What is the South Pacific?

The Pacific Ocean is home to half of the world's water resources. When we refer to the South Pacific, we are talking about the southwestern portion of this ocean. It's a long stretch—to cross this section of the Pacific Ocean, you would need to travel 8,000 kilometers (of the 40,000 that make up the entire Pacific Ocean).

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the South Pacific is probably islands like Bora Bora or Tahiti, but Hawaii as well as parts of New Zealand (Fiji, for example) are also part of this area.

Where is the South Pacific?

The South Pacific includes Polynesia, which means everything from Hawaii in the north to New Zealand in the southwest and Easter Island, which belongs to Chile, in the southeast. These areas make up the points on the so-called Polynesian triangle.

Melanesia is also part of the South Seas for most. The Melanesian Islands are located northeast of Australia and include New Guinea, the Moluccas and the islands down to New Caledonia and Norfolk Island.

For many, however, Micronesia (or at least the southern part of Micronesia) is one of the South Seas. And that makes a huge difference because Micronesia is scattered with over 2000 islands and atolls over seven million square kilometers in the western Pacific Ocean. Often, however, the whole of New Zealand is included in the South Seas, sometimes even the entire west coast of South America.

Best travel time for the South Sea

Country/IslandBest time to travelTemperature
Cook IslandsMay to October

77 °F


June to October

68 - 86 °F

TongaJune to August

75 - 77 °F

French PolynesiaApril to October

80 - 86 °F

MicronesiaDecember to April

86 °C

New CaledoniaApril to November

68 - 86 °F

Solomon IslandsJuly to September

68 - 86 °F

SamoaMay to October

84 °F


The most beautiful destinations for your South Sea vacation

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Vacation in the Cook Islands in the South Seas

The Cook Islands are a destination in the South Seas and also designate a state that has political ties to New Zealand. They are the best known of the popular South Seas islands - a total of 15 in number - and are considered the ultimate dream holiday destination. The Cook Islands are especially popular with divers and snorkelers - because here you will find a huge variety of species in the underwater world. The largest island is called Rarotonga and here is also the capital Avarua. It is characterized by rough and green mountains, while the northern island of Aitutaki to the north boasts a beautiful large lagoon, surrounded by sand islands and colorful coral reefs.

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Holidays in Fiji in the South Seas

A little paradise lost in the South Pacific - these are the Fiji Islands. The 332 small and large islands north of New Zealand  and east of Australia impress with white beaches, colorful coral reefs, colonial buildings and an exotic wildlife. The capital Suva is located on Viti Levu, the larger of the two main islands (with about 10,000 km²). Vanua Levu, the second main island, is about half the size. Nevertheless, the two islands make up 9/10 of the total area of ​​Fiji (Fiji). Why the Fiji Islands are so fabulous and what you must have seen umbedingt we tell you here.

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Vacation on Tonga in the South Seas

East of Fiji, south of Samoa and north of New Zealand lies the Kingdom of Tonga, an island nation that belongs to Polynesia and was formerly also known as Friendship Islands. The 150 islands, including some active volcanic islands, have emerged from the Tonga trench, one of the deepest deep-sea trenches on earth. Since Tonga largely spared from modern tourism, the island state is still one of the most interesting destinations in the South Seas. Impressive landscapes and beautiful beaches are guaranteed here; the mild climate, changes in the weather with dramatic clouds, high cliffs and mysterious underwater caves complete the real treasure island feeling.

Holiday in the South Sea paradise French Polynesia

French Polynesia is not just a dream destination, no, there are 118 absolute dream destinations! In addition to Tahiti, the most populous French Polynesian island, also islands like Bora Bora or Mo'orea inspire the visitors and are among the most popular honeymoon destinations. But French Polynesia is not only the perfect destination for lovers, sunbathers, loafers, adventurers and luxury lovers will also get their money's worth here.

Bora Bora: Not just for honeymooners

A vaction on the beautiful island of Bora Bora isn't exactly cheap, but its certainly worthwhile. There's a reason so many people choose to spend their honeymoon there , but you don't have to tie the knot to enjoy this dreamy island. If you have a flexible schedule and enough time for a vacation in such a distant destination, you can find a vacation that fits your budget. Our Bora Bora travel guide has all the best tips for exploring the deep blue lagoons, steep mountain slopes, and white sandy beaches characteristic of the island. 

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Tahiti: the heart of French Polynesia

Luxurious overwater bungalows, palm-fringed beaches, and turquoise seas—this is what you can expect on a trip to Tahiti. The beautiful main island of French Polynesia has a lot to offer: interesting culture, stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife and a whole lot more. It seems like everything is available in Tahiti: water sports, wellness retreats, relaxing beaches, and exciting adventures. 

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Mo'orea: The South Pacific's secret paradise

The beautiful island of Mo'orea may not be as well-known as Bora Bora or Tahiti, but that doesn't make it inferior—far from it! In addition to the typical dreamy South Pacific beaches with crystal clear water and long, sandy beaches there is a fascinating culture and thilling landscapes that invite travelers to explore. You can even see dolphins and humpback whales

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