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What Is an Around The World Ticket?

The Around the World Ticket (ATW) is your chance to experience many destinations all in one trip. An ATW allows you to travel around the world with multiple stopovers on a single plane ticket and is usually valid for one year.

An Around the World ticket typically includes a crossing of both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and several stopovers. Prices for these tickets vary depending on multiple factors: the class of seats (economy, business, or first class), total mileage, how many continents are visited, and the number of stops. As a general rule, the number of stops is between three and fifteen. Prices can be anywhere from $900 to $50,000. High-end tickets will typically include luxury hotels and other amenities, like private tour guides.

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With a preset ATW, you follow a designated flight route which was been arranged by the provider. Another option is “home-made” ATWs, wherein you build your own route using one-way tickets. If you go the “home-made” route, you can pick the countries you would like to visit more selectively, and add on additional destinations during your journey. However, this type of ATW requires more planning on your end and may end up being more expensive, date-restrictive, or both. For example, if you choose to book in advance you will likely save money but will have to decide on your dates well ahead of time. If you wait until the last minute to give yourself more flexibility, then prices may skyrocket.

When booking an Around the World ticket through a provider, you're afforded great flexibility for a relatively low price and can visit a variety of places across the world in a year. However, it is important to consider the downsides of an ATW ticket before purchasing, namely that you must depart from and arrive in the same starting country and that you can only fly in one direction.

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