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Great Deals for Passport Free Destinations

Passport Free Destinations: Where US Travelers Can Go Without a Passport

Are you a US passport holder looking for passport-free destinations outside the mainland USA? Below, we've compiled a list of destinations you can visit without a passport in hand. We've also added our best deals on flights, hotels, cruises, and vacation packages for these destinations.

Here's Where US Nationals Can Travel to Passport Free

A list of destinations that US travelers can go to without a passport in hand. *Please note that if there is a layover outside of these destinations/in the US, you should make sure you follow the entry requirements for that country and have a passport on hand.

*Also note that Mexico and Canada require passports when flying into these destinations. Enhanced licenses and pass cards are not accepted for air or boat travel.

Puerto Rico

Not a state, but a US territory, Puerto Rico carries the US currency and does not require a passport to visit—making it one of the most popular Caribbean destinations for US travelers. You can find cheap flights for under $100 round trip with Spirit or Frontier and under $200 with full-service airlines like Delta, United, American, and JetBlue. Do note that the main language of Puerto Rico is Spanish, however, most locals speak English as well

U.S. Virgin Islands

Comprising of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, the U.S. Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, meaning they follow US laws but have their own local government. The US dollar (USD) is the currency on the islands and the main language is English.


Another island that's a territory of the US. Guam is not located in the Caribbean but the North Pacific Ocean. It's rather close to Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Japan. Guam is not a relatively easy destination to reach from the mainland US, as flight prices are quite steep and there are no direct flights, but if you do have the chance to visit, a passport is not required.

American Samoa

Though no passport is required, a birth certificate demonstrating US nationality is required when entering American Samoa. It's, however, strongly recommended to bring a US passport for seamless travel onto these South Pacific islands.

Northern Mariana Islands

In the North Pacific, you'll find the Northern Mariana Islands which comprises of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. No passport is required to enter or exit the islands if you are US national, however, like all the other destinations mentioned, you should have a proper ID on hand.

Canada (By Land)

If you decide to drive up to Canada, a passport is not required. Alternatively, you can enter with an enhanced driver's license (subject to licenses from some states that border Canada) a passport card, or a NEXUS Card. Children under 16 can enter with just a birth certificate that proves their US nationality.

Mexico (By Land)

Similarly to Canada, if you plan to visit Mexico by car or bus, a passport is not required. You can enter with a passport card or a SENTRI Card. Children 16 or younger are also allowed to enter with a birth certificate proving their nationality.

*This list is provided as a suggestion when choosing where to travel that's passport-free. Before traveling, you should contact the airline or tour group you booked with, as well as consult the website to confirm your travel without a passport.