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Captain's Log

Tourism Blues Ever gone on vacation, decided to visit a popular tourist destination, and then been completely disappointed and underwhelmed by the whole experience? Maybe the area was so packed with other tourists you couldn’t take a step without bumping into someone. Maybe some successful pickpockets swiped your wallet and phone. Maybe the attraction itself…

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Captain's Log

Cruises aren't just for your parents anymore. A new crop of millennial-based cruises are taking over the market and breathing new life into the industry. These cruises are using out-of-the-box ideas like floating EDM festivals, celebrity entertainment, and small-ship flexibility. If you're like many millennials, you're looking for adventure and meaningful social connections on your…

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Captain's Log

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've had the great fortune to pass through one of the three major airports that service New York City. We are being sarcastic, of course. JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark are consistently rated as three of the worst airports in the United States. We've attempted to objectively rank these airports…

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Captain's Log

Travel Is Still Fun Alone Traveling with more than one is fun, but sometimes traveling alone is better! Shared experiences often illicit happy memories of the awesome road trip you took with your bestie or the beautiful, romantic getaway you went on with your partner. These one of a kind moments were surely enjoyed and…

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Captain's Log

While some star-crossed lovers are enjoying lavish weekend getaways in exotic locals this weekend, there are still many more who want to get away, but can’t due to work and other dreadful adult responsibilities and duties. Don’t fret though! For those of you out there still looking to get away in the not-so-distant future without…