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Read more: The Chupacabra—Fact Or Fiction?

Captain's Log

The Chupacabra is a popular urban legend that came to life only a mere 24 years ago on the island paradise of Puerto Rico. Since then the tale of the chupacabra spread through South America and quickly jumped to the southern American States, with Texas and New Mexico having the most recorded sightings and body…

Read more: Is The Earth Flat?

Captain's Log

Since the dawn of time, people have been doing their best to makes sense of our vast world. The first documented mention of the concept that the Earth was round was made all the way back in the sixth century BC and this was finally proved by astronomers in the third century BC. However, the…

Read more: Would You Stay On This Women-Only Island In Finland?

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Captain's Log

Ladies, have you ever just wanted to escape from men for a week? SuperShe Island in Finland makes this dream a reality—if you're willing to shell out a couple paychecks, that is. This luxury retreat includes everything from plush accommodations to Finnish saunas to daily yoga and nutrition classes. There's just one important exclusion: men.…

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Captain's Log

Tourism Blues Ever gone on vacation, decided to visit a popular tourist destination, and then been completely disappointed and underwhelmed by the whole experience? Maybe the area was so packed with other tourists you couldn’t take a step without bumping into someone. Maybe some successful pickpockets swiped your wallet and phone. Maybe the attraction itself…