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This is the Coolest Harry Potter Accommodation We've Seen ⚡️🦉

And It's in Orlando! Check Out This Magical Airbnb—Fits Up to 16 Guests

from $799

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Located in Davenport, Florida—a roughly 46-minute drive from Orlando, you'll find the most epic Harry Potter Airbnb. Prices to stay here aren't so bad if you have a group of 16 people who are willing to stay a few nights.


Swimming Pool
Family Friendly


  • Davenport
  • Florida


From the moment you walk into this accommodation, you're a muggle no more! You can expect to be whisked away into the magical wizarding world. The dining room is set up like the great hall with floating candles and a long wooden table to feast on.

Though there are nine bedrooms to choose from, the sorting hat should help you decide where to sleep for the night based on what house you are put into. Some of the bedroom options include four bedrooms based on the four Houses of Hogwarts.

...and if all else fails there's the cupboard under the stairs that is always available for one guest.

There are also some other pretty cool rooms to stay in around this house which include a train bed...

And a hidden train cart bedroom with two single beds. There are also two professor suites downstairs.

Other highlights in the house include a replica of Diagon Alley and its shops

Kings Cross Station, the magical staircase...

The quidditch field that serves as a game room,

...and what may be our favorite part—a cinema where you can sit in the Weasley's flying car

Rates also aren't so bad, if you can get a group of 16 to book and each person pays their own way. Rates start at $799 a night, but a minimum of four nights must be booked and this price point does not include Airbnb taxes and fees. For a four-night stay, you're looking at $4,413 in total. However, split between the max number of guests, you're looking a $69 Per Person, Per Night.

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