Sleep in the Biggest Potato We've Ever Seen!
Big Idaho Potato Hotel
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This Potato is A-Peel-ing & You'll Love it a Lat-ke

Potatoes!! Breakfast, lunch and dinner; we just can't get enough. But there's more — you can now spend the night in a potato. And this potato is not just any potato, this giant 6 ton (fake) potato has been converted into a cozy house where you can spend the night in pure comfort.

To learn all about this unique place, read on!

Travel Period

September 2021 - October 2022


This special, gigantic and also famous potato has been touring the US for 7 years to promote the quality potatoes from Idaho and has now found its final resting place in the countryside. This potato has been retired and converted into a super stylish and comfortable Boise, Idaho residence.

The design comes from Kristie Wolfe, who was previously a representative on the Big Idaho Potato Tour, and she turned it into something beautiful! We couldn't quite imagine what the gigantic potato would look like on the inside, but the interior exceeds all our potato dreams! (We now want a potato holiday home!)

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay: electrical outlets, a small refrigerator, a nice bed, and even a record player! You also have a separate toilet building (a converted silo) with a skylight, a fireplace and a nice bathtub to relax in your own small wellness silo.

And the best is yet to come! During your stay in this magical potato, you will receive a free pet! There is a cuddly cow to keep you company. We are convinced that it's worth experiencing the Potato Hotel at least once, are you?

This special stay can be found on Airbnb for around $250 a night. Would you book it for that price? How cool would it be to add this to your next road trip itinerary?


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