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Our Offers for Your Vacation in Chile

Vacation in Chile: Let's Go to the Magical Land

The top travel destination Chile could also be on another planet because you will find everything here: mountains and sea, desert and icebergs, volcanoes and glaciers. From the driest desert in the world to southern Chile where it rains almost continuously. Not forgetting the most remote islands in the world! The country of Chile in  South America is simply breathtaking, unbelievable, and almost magical at the same time. Find out more about impressive Chile here and book your next trip with our pirate-like cheap offers for your Chile vacation.

Arrival and Entry into Chile

Flights to Santiago

From the US you can reach Chile with airlines like Avianca from several locations across the US to Santiago. It should be noted that these flights are quite long and have transfers and the cheapest departure points are usually in South Florida, specifically Miami.

Chile Visa

A visa is not required for Chile for stays up to 90 days a Tourist Card will be issued upon arrival in Chile. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.

Weather and Climate in Chile

First of all, you have to know that the seasons are opposite to those in North America. So when it's winter here, it's summer in Chile. Therefore, January and February are the warmest months and July is the coldest month in Chile. Nevertheless, the weather in Chile cannot be generalized, because due to the extraordinary length (Chile stretches 2,600 miles along the west coast of South America), you have completely different climate zones here.

The north is dry (the northern Atacama Desert is even considered the driest place in the world) while in the south it rains heavily and is significantly cooler than the rest of Chile (with maximum temperatures of 73 degrees). The maximum temperatures in northern and central Chile are 78 degrees. In general, you have a Mediterranean climate in central Chile (including the capital Santiago). Therefore, the summers here are dry and warm and the winters are often rainy, but the winters are also relatively mild.

Best Travel Time for Chile

As you can imagine with all the different climate zones, there is no single best time to travel to Chile. Therefore, we have a small overview for you here:

Best time to go to Northern Chile: Northern Chile can be dry all year round and can be traveled all year round. In summer (January/February) you have up to 26 degrees and nine hours of sunshine here, in winter up to 18 degrees and up to four hours of sunshine.

Best travel time for central Chile: The South American summer is the best travel time for central Chile, especially December and January with up to ten hours of sunshine per day. We would not recommend the months of May to August, as this is the rainy season in central Chile.

Best travel time for the south of Chile: You should definitely travel to the south of Chile during the South American summer months. In winter you have around 20 rainy days per month and often only two hours of sunshine per day. In addition, due to the heavy rainfall, some tours and activities do not take place in winter. In the South American summer, you only have a maximum of 73 degrees, which is why you can also hike through the beautiful national parks of southern Chile during this time.

Cheap Flights to Chile

In our experience, the best way to find the cheapest deals is to use the usual flight comparison sites. Browse through them carefully and find cheap flight tickets. It's also highly advisable to be flexible about your departure location. For example, you can find good flights from Philadelphia or Miami to Santiago de Chile with American Airlines.

Accommodation in Chile

You will probably also need suitable accommodation for the flights. As always, you can find them on,, or through our Kayak booking widget.

Places to Visit in Chile

Check out the best places below to visit in Chile.

The Easter Islands

Easter Island was discovered on an Easter Sunday in 1722, hence its name. Hundreds of stone statues, also called moai, can be found on the islands. The largest of them is around 32 feet high and weighs a whopping 100 tons. How the statues were erected remains a mystery to this day.

Atacama Desert

From the world's most isolated islands, we go to the world's driest desert. The approximately 745 miles-long Atacama Desert has places that have survived for decades without rain.


In Patagonia, the very tip of America that Chile shares with Argentina, lush rainforest meets icy glacial bays. A true natural spectacle.

Isla Magdalena

Do you love penguins? Then you should definitely go to the Isla Magdalena. The nature reserve is inhabited by over 100,000 penguins and is accessible by boat from Punta Arenas.

Torres del Paine National Park

Things get really impressive in Torres del Paine National Park. Crystal-clear lakes meet waterfalls, pointed granite mountains, and rugged rock formations. Not for nothing has Torres del Paine been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The most colorful city in Chile is Valparaíso. Locals also call Valparaíso the jewel of the Pacific. Artists and painters have transformed the city into a mix of street art and glowing facades.

Other Destinations in South America

Looking for other destinations to explore in South America? Check out our other pages for the best deals for your vacation in South America.