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SINGLES QUIZ 🔥 Which Country is Your Next Vacation Flame From?

This one is for all the single travelers out there! Are you longing for something new and exciting? Did you recently experience a breakup and are looking to get away and are open to a nice distraction? We introduce to you the SINGLES QUIZ!

We have all experienced a fierce vacation romance, everything is new and everything is exciting and you will probably never see each other again. A travel fling really falls into a separate category!

With this quiz, you will discover in 7 questions where your next vacation flame comes from and where it is best to go on vacation to meet your overseas sweetheart.

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Answer the 7 questions below and find out which country your next vacation flame is from! You'll also know where you should go on your next trip 😏.

Question 1:

What's your favorite breakfast?

A - A chocolate roll or croissant with a cup of hot chocolate

B - Hard sandwiches with meat/cheese/jam, an egg, and a cup of coffee

C - Toasted bread with Vegemite, fruit, and a cup of tea

D - Espresso and a cigarette

E - An açaí bowl, a juice, and coffee

Question 2:

What does your perfect date look like?

A - A wine tasting

B - A BBQ in the park

C - A beach picnic

D - To the museum

E - A cocktail workshop

Question 3:

How romantic are you on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much)?

A - 4

B - 1

C - 2

D - 5

E - 3

Question 4:

What's your favorite drink?

A - Champagne

B - Beer

C - Cheap wine (all taste the same anyway)

D - Aperol Spritz

E - Caipirinha

Question 5:

Favorite activity on vacation?

A - Extensive dining

B - Drinking beers

C - Surfing

D - Cooking for yourself

E - Dancing

Question 6:

What's your favorite animal?

A - A rooster

B - A golden eagle

C - A kangaroo

D - A wolf

E - A jaguar

Question 7:

Let's say your date is wearing one of the following. Which do you find most acceptable?

A - A beret

B - Socks in sandals

C - A pair of cut jeans

D - Gucci loafers

E - A glittery feather boa

Check Your Answers 😘

Mostly A: France

You swoon over Emily in Paris, love romantic comedies, and when you go on vacation you prefer to spend most of your time on the terrace with a nice wine. Oui, Oui, then France is the place to be for you!

Paris is of course always good, but France has many more beautiful places! The French may not be the most approachable people at first glance, but a little hard-to-get is always an exciting challenge. Go learn some French opening lines by heart!

Mostly B: Germany

You are not into big romantic gestures and you prefer down to earth, practical, and direct. In that regard, Germany is the perfect place for you! Expect half liters in the beer garden and a tasty bratwurst from the grill. Before you know it you will be invited to Carnival in Cologne or the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Mostly C: Australia

You are relaxed, adventurous, and a little cheeky. On vacation you prefer to lie on the beach all day to tan. The beach look is all for you! It might be a bit wrong, but a tanned body, a shell necklace and a guitar will make your knees shake. Expect handy surf tips, campfire sessions, and Goon (Goon is wine from a carton, that's the only drink that's still a bit affordable there).

Unfortunately, Australia is not just around the corner, but anyone who has been there can tell you that a trip to this bucket list destination is completely worth the long journey!

Most D: Italy

You are a romantic, find style and looks very important, and always want to grab a bit of culture when travelling. Your to-do list on vacation is full of hidden gems and trendy addresses. An afternoon at that hip art exhibition and an evening at that newly opened cocktail bar should not be missed during your trip. These are also exactly the right locations to bump into a beautiful Italian.

Well, whisper some Italian words in our ears and you can sweep us up... You may not understand anything, but everything sounds super sexy.

Most E: Brazil

You are outgoing, sporty and like crowds and fun, but also enjoy going out into nature from time to time. You always want to do as many different things as possible while traveling, see as much of the country as you can, and meet lots of new people. Brazil has it all: beautiful beaches, the Amazon, busy cities full of culture, cute little villages and a varied kitchen.

The best way to seduce a nice Brazilian, is of course, to dance. Go to a nice bar to dance Samba or go big and celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (another city in Brazil is of course also possible). The more feathers and glitter you put on, the better!

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