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You Can Get a Summer Getaway to the Hamptons for $50

5 Weekend Car Rentals in the New York City Area, Including Complimentary Stays & Activities!

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Turo is practically giving away five weekend road-trip vacations, featuring top-of-line the line cars like a Porsche and a BMW. If you can click fast enough, one of these weekend getaways can be yours for $50!


Two of the trips are for VIP Polo tickets and a cocktail party, another is for wine tasting at the Wolffer Estate, another includes dinner for two in Montauk at Scrapetta Beach, and the last has a private sailboat experience on offer.

This is a special promotion akin to the kind we've seen on Airbnb, meaning you'll need to be the first to click and book because availability is extremely limited. Each trip has different requirements, but some are limited to those over 21, or even over 30. You can find all the info on their page using the link below.

Moreover, it's cool to see Turo running some promotions like this, as we seem them as a welcome addition to an often overpriced world of car rentals.

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