Travel and Work Remotely in Georgia
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Travel and Work Remotely in the Country of Georgia!

Are you getting tired of your make-shift home office? Perhaps the thought of working remotely on a beach doesn't sound that appealing to you either. Well we're excited to present you another change-of-scenery-offer to work remotely in the country of Georgia (it's the small one located on the border of Asia and Europe).


Thanks to the Georgian government, this picturesque destination is now offering long-term visitors to work remotely within the country as part of their re-opening plan. The idea is to help Georgia boost their tourist industry again after taking a detrimental hit due to the pandemic.

In order to be granted access into this country long-term, interested individuals must complete an application with appropriate documents including proof of travel insurance, a certificate of employment, and a valid passport.

In a recent interview with Agenda.de, Georgia's Economic Minister, Natia Turnava stated, "Georgia has the image of an epidemiologically safe country in the world and we want to use this opportunity. We are talking about opening the border in a way to protect the health of our citizens, but, on the other hand, to bring to Georgia citizens of all countries who can work remotely".

The official application can be found HERE.