Tennessee Will Pay for Your Flights to Visit the State!
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Tennessee Will Pay for Your Flights When You Book a Hotel Stay

Say what?! The Tennessee government is looking to boost tourism after a slow 2020, and is currently holding an amazing offer! All you have to do is book a hotel stay, and you'll receive a $250 flight voucher to use on American, Delta, or southwest. They've even extended the booking period to the first 10,000 people to book before the end of the year!

We'll make this quick, so you can get to booking.

Your hotel stay can be in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, or the Tri-Cities, so you just have to pick your ideal Tennessee destination. The hotel stay must be a minimum of two nights and include one of the following nights: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. This offer applies on vacations until December 30th. Once you book, you'll receive your flight voucher within four business days.

Happy hunting pirates. You can start booking on this Tennessee on Me promo website!

Travel Period

September 2021 - January 2022


Example Booking:

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