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Five European Cities for Your Next Romantic Trip❣️

Swap Paris for Bordeaux! Forget Florence, Book Verona... 💙

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Pirates, we've had a look at where to go for a romantic trip in Europe that's not the usual spots. Here are our top five destinations -- some for wine lovers, some for foodies, and some with heart-breaking love stories involved.


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Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is perfect for a sneaky Valentine's getaway if you don't want the regular Paris trip. "Little Paris," as this city in the Southwest of France is called, features the same charismatic French feel as its big sister, but on a smaller, more intimate scale.

Think medieval buildings, old watchtowers, winding streets, and iconic architecture. And, of course, this city trip is best for WINE lovers!

San Sebastián, Spain

The bad news is, it rains a lot in this part of the Basque Country -- the good news is, that makes it even more romantic in a way!

Snuggled up under one umbrella, you can hop from one cute little shop to the next. San Sebastián is great for foodies with a lot of Michelin-starred restaurant options.

We recommend flying into Bilbao (and staying for a night or two). You can take the bus into San Sebastián, it's approximately a 2-hour round trip, and you can check the town out in a day.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen can be super romantic -- think strolls along the canals, scenic photos in front of colorful houses and massive churches. There's a 19th-century amusement park right in the middle of the city, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney, which makes for a unique date! It's usually open until 10 pm, so very romantic with all the lights on in the dark. The season starts in April.

🏴‍☠️ Pirate tip: The city can be notoriously expensive, especially when it comes to food and drink. We recommend researching the restaurants you want to go to so you know what to expect when the bill comes.

Thousands of tourists flock to The Little Mermaid statue every year as it's one of Copenhagen's famous landmarks. It's a tribute to writer Hans Christian Andersen and his story about the Mer-people's princess, who fell in love with a human and her desire to become human herself.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Some argue that the meaning of Ljubljana is "beloved," so it's right there in the word, pirates! LOVE is everywhere in Slovenia's capital. It's the city of bridges (you might want to bring a padlock with initials to manifest your romance). Its Old Town looks straight out of a fairy tale with a mix of architecture.

Everyone cycles in Ljubljana (rentals are cheap,) so make sure you get a bike and pedal along the river, stopping at beer gardens (try the Slovenian wine, it's delicious!).

Verona, Italy

Done Rome, Florence, Venice? Try Verona! It's arguably less touristy, especially if you don't go in the peak season. This city has all the things we love about an Italian city trip, from piazzas and churches galore, cafés, beautiful walks along the river, and gorgeous little restaurants on every corner.

Date ideas: Learn how to make pasta from scratch, or book tickets for Verona's amazing open-air theatre, where you can watch classical opera while gazing at the stars.

Verona is home to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette story, so make sure to take a glimpse at the famous balcony when you're there.

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