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Fly to Orlando, Florida on JetBlue, American, & United 🌴🐭

Fares Start at $108 Round Trip: Usual Prices Are in the $200s & Up!

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We've tracked down flights on preferred airlines to Orlando, Florida from $108 round trip. The usual prices start in the $200s, so if you've been looking to plan a Florida getaway, now's a great chance!

A lot of the availability is during hurricane season, which gets a lot of attention in the media. I travel to South Florida every single hurricane season for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration with my family and haven't once been impacted by a hurricane, in fact the chances of Southwest having a meltdown are probably similar to the chances of having to reschedule your trip due to a hurricane! Even if you had to reschedule, airlines always offer a change waiver on top of their current ultra-flexible policies; and hotels in the Orlando area are competitive enough that most of them have to offer free cancellation.


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Keep in mind that flight prices often change quickly, and even though this deal was available when we posted it, prices and availability may have already changed.

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