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Taranto vecchia

You Can Buy a House by the Sea in Puglia, Italy for only €1 🍝 🐟

We've written articles in the past about incredible opportunities to purchase houses in Italy for just one euro ($1.10 USD), designed to combat the depopulation of small villages. Which has included similar initiatives being taken in the villages of Calatafimo, Abruzzo, Sardinia, and Lazio.

Now there's a new opportunity to buy houses in Italy and it's happening in the stunning region of Puglia. For one euro, you can buy a historic home by the sea. More information on how you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity is below!

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Houses for €1 ($1.10) in Puglia

Taranto Vecchia, the oldest part of Taranto, is a coastal city in the heel of southern Italy, known as the Puglia region. This city is located on an island easily accessible via two main bridges and is divided by a big and a little sea. Here much of Italian history lies, such as the remnants of the Spartan civilization.

In 1746, the current ancient area of ​​Taranto represented the entirety of the city, and the entire population gathered on the island. In this environment, fishermen and aristocrats, modest artisans and members of the clergy coexisted for many centuries. The old city, completely surrounded by solid walls, ended up becoming overcrowded over time, especially after the construction of the Navy Arsenal.

During the era of extensive industrialization, the situation improved as the population of Taranto, previously mainly dedicated to fishing, slowly began moving outwards towards the newer parts of the city. Leaving behind the old town as a historical site.

However, over the years, many people have moved away from the old town, so much so, that currently many of the houses in the ancient city remain uninhabited. Some of these structures, despite having been built in strategic positions are now in a state of decay, and are waiting to be restored and brought back to their original vibrant and unique beauty.

*Please note you'll need to translate the following article from Italian to English

The city is pushing this initiative in hopes for the recovery, redevelopment, and enhancement of the real estate assets and the revitalization of the historic center of old Taranto, through the redevelopment of the urban-building fabric that favors the settlement of families and boosts business for tourist activities, restaurants, and shops.

The project has just started, so there is time until August 31, 2023, to check out the houses for sale and put in an offer. You can express interest through a special form on the Municipality's website.

As with other similar initiatives, the properties purchased at the symbolic price of one euro will then have to be renovated according to the methods and terms contained in the tender, or by presenting a renovation project within three months of finalizing the sale and completing the works within three years, with surety policy of €5,000 ($5,500 USD).

What do you think pirates, shall we consider this offer?

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