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segesta, Sicily

How About an Italian Vacation Home for 1 Euro? 🍝 🍕

We have already talked to you in the past about these incredible initiatives for one-euro houses in Italy, designed to combat the depopulation of small villages.

Today we are talking about a Sicilian village, which already in 2021 had launched its call for houses that cost just a few euros. This town is Calatafimi, one of the most important centers of Magna Graecia, and known as being one of the most beautiful archaeological areas of the island, with the wonderful Doric temple of Segesta that you see in the cover photo.

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Homes for 1€ in Sicily

The success and even the international echo of the calls for houses at 1 euro remain undisputed.

In the specific case, the Municipality of Calatafimi Segesta had already issued its notice last year and has now decided to repeat the experiment by inserting almost 50 properties owned by the same municipality and by private individuals.

For the village in the province of Trapani, the goal is not only to mitigate depopulation but also to recover the uninhabited buildings in the historic center and revitalize a country severely hit by the 1968 earthquake, favoring the opening of tourist-accommodation activities, shops or craft shops in a suggestive location. The village, of ancient origin and medieval layout, is dominated by the Eufemio Castle, an example of Norman-Swabian architecture, and has just over 6,000 inhabitants.

*Note that the following link is in Italian and will need to be translated to english.

Can Americans Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

The offer is available to both non-residents and residents of Italy, meaning US citizens can indeed take advantage of this deal. However, it should be noted there are still legal requirements non-residents must follow. If you remain a non-resident, you'll be subject to higher taxes. You'll also have to adhere to immigration laws as a visitor, such as, not spending more than 90 days out of the 180-day period. This is all unless you apply for residency.

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There are 48 houses for sale in the historic center, according to the notice published on the Municipality website.

As with other similar initiatives, the properties purchased at the symbolic price of 1 euro must then be renovated according to the methods and terms contained in the notice, or by submitting a renovation project within three months of the finalization of the sale and completing the work within three years, with surety policy of 5,000 €.

If you want to know more about how the one-euro houses initiative works, check out the following announcement and the attachments where you will also find the cards of each of the 48 properties. We recommend using Google translate to go over the attached PDFs.

If you are interested, however, hurry up to apply, there is only time until the end of November!

What are your thoughts, Pirates, would you go for this opportunity?

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