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Beware New Scams through the Website 💳 🛎️

Read this article to find out how the scam works and how you can protect yourself.

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Unfortunately, there is a new scam scheme on, so that you don't lose money unnecessarily, we'll explain it to you. This is how it works:

  • You have an existing booking with

  • You receive a message from the hotel on the website / in the app.

  • It says that your payment didn't work and that you need to re-enter your payment details via the link to avoid losing your booking.

Pressure is also often applied with the help of a time limit. In the worst-case scenario, if you respond to this, you will end up on a fake booking website, and once you have entered your payment details, your money will be gone.

How can fraudsters impersonate hoteliers?

It is suspected that so-called phishing attacks are used to capture the hotel's access data so that the fraudsters can log in via the hotel's access and send their messages.

How can you protect yourself?

  1. Do not click on alleged payment links in messages from hotels.

  2. If there are payment problems, will instead ask you to access your booking directly via the website or app and check or change the payment method there.

  3. In any case, you are safest if you access your booking within the app, as you are guaranteed not to fall for fake websites. After opening the app, click on the suitcase at the bottom and call up the relevant reservation.

  4. If something seems strange, call the hotel directly and ask.

  5. If you have fallen for such a scam, have your credit card blocked, report it to the police, and contact is still a very secure booking portal, and any other website or booking platform could have the same type of scams.

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