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Kruger Shalati - Train on The Bridge & Garden Suites, trivago uk

🚂 This Train Hotel Sits on a Bridge Overlooking Kruger National Park 🦁

Pirates, check out this absolutely unique hotel we've spotted hanging (quite literally) over Kruger National Park in South Africa!

The luxury 5-star hotel sitting on a bridge is located in a former train, with 42 carriages transformed into glamorous suites overlooking the savanna.

Published by
Jackie Sparrow·8/30/2023

Kruger Shalati - Train on The Bridge & Garden Suites has an amazing hanging pool with a viewing platform.

We've spotted rates in November from $719 for an overnight stay on an all-inclusive basis. That's nearly $100 cheaper than other dates.


Kruger Shalati: Train on The Bridge & Garden Suites offers 31 rooms, including 24 train carriage suites and seven Bridge House Suites. Whether you are looking for a unique adventure, a fascinating break from everyday life, or simply relaxation surrounded by nature's greatest treasures, you'll get all of this and more at this stunning hotel.

All rooms at the Kruger Shalati offer comfort in a unique location in the Kruger National Park: on the historic bridge under which the first guests of the park had their pioneer overnight stays in carts.

Staying here will make you feel a bit like being on a 1920s railway safari, with a contemporary interpretation that reflects African design.

The Kruger Shalati Train is named after Shalati, an African warrior queen. The beginnings of Shalati's reign date back to the 19th century. It's said in tales that Shalati was one of the first warrior chiefs of the Tebula, a small clan of the Tsonga tribe who lived in the bush around the Murchison Range in what is now Limpopo Province.

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