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Netflix Is Hiring for Flight Attendants & Will Pay Up to $385,000 a Year 🛩️

No, we're not becoming a job listing website, though we do have some pretty awesome roles open ourselves. Unfortunately, we're not hiring flight attendants at the moment. We just saw that Netflix, however, is hiring a flight attendant for its private jets and is willing to pay up to $385,000, and thought some of you might just be up to the job. Interested? Read on!

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So basically if you're an experienced flight attendant dreaming for more (money$$$), then this is for you. And if you were wondering why Netflix raised their fees recently, well, this post might also be for you.

The requirements straight from the Netflix Job Ad are:

However, we're willing to guess Netflix won't be open to you adding footage from their flights to Shawn Kathleen's Passenger Shaming Instagram account, though we're willing to bet you'd be rife with opportunity!