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Greece, Mykonos, Pirates on Tour

My Friends & I Traveled to Mykonos for a Bargain πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· 🌊

Pirates, we adventured to Mykonos in September with a group of friends and learned great lessons on choosing a destination and the right season while saving some money.

Join us on our journey!

Published by
Eduardo VegaΒ·10/19/2022

Choosing Where to Go!

We knew we wanted to go to Greece, but choosing where to go was a little tricky, and with so many options, we ended up leaning toward the most popular.

September marks the end of high season in Greece, and it's my favorite time to visit; why you may ask? The weather is still warm, the crowds of people have gone down, and you can find accommodations for a fraction of what you would pay during the high season.

*Credits: Eddy Vega, 2022

*Credits: Eddy Vega, 2022

Finding Accommodations πŸ›Ž

Looking for the perfect accommodation was quite a job; we were a group of 12 friends, and there were many options available.

Here are some of the lessons we learned:

  • Always check the bed distribution; many places advertise sofa beds as full beds, and not everyone will be ok with that situation.

  • Prices on Villas go significantly down in September, at the end of the high season.

  • You will find the exact place advertised on several websites; and at different price points, so choose according to what works best for you.

We ended up choosing a villa that was available to book through, and we received our 10% Genius-2 discount along with a 5% travel credit back from the final price.

Beach Clubs πŸ–

Mykonos is one of the best places to party, and I've been looking forward to going to a beach club since the iconic Lindsay Lohan dance circa 2019.

Traveling in September was advantageous since many beach clubs had enough space to accommodate 12 people with very little notice.

After a lengthy discussion, we chose Kalua Beach Bar-Restaurant, and had a blast; there was even a singer performing live and keeping the mood throughout the day.

Keeping track of expenses can sometimes get complicated, so Splitwise was our best friend during the entire trip.

Renting a Boat πŸ›₯

Going into Mykonos, we all knew we wanted to do one thing for sure: go on a boat ride. Thankfully we found Click&Boat, which is like an Airbnb for boats and gives you the best options based on the type of boat and what extras you may want.

We took a full-day boat ride, which came to around $250 per person, but included food and some drinks.

πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Pirate Tip: Always take your own beverages, even if they include some drinks; there's never enough!

The End of Our Trip

We loved every minute we spent in Mykonos, and between all the activities we planned, we managed to find some time to just relax at the villa.

The villa had a manager that was super helpful and guided us through the entire process, as well as arranging a private dinner with some classic Greek dishes.

On our last day, we stopped by a vineyard and had some local wines with fresh cheeses and vegetables cultivated on the island.

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