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Fly from London to Sydney in TWO HOURS? Maybe in the Next Decade via Space 🚀

Travelers may soon be able to fly from London to Sydney in as little as two hours—but you'll need to go via space.

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Suborbital flights - currently just the playthings of billionaires like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos - may soon be the key to unlocking superfast flights across the world.

It's thought that the flights may be available in the next 10 years and so the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is funding medical studies into the effects of suborbital space flights to see what happens to travelers.

At the minute suborbital flights are insanely expensive, with flights on Virgin Galactic costing about $450,000 per seat. But as with all things, the more popular it becomes, the lower prices will be.

Worried you might be a bit old for such things? Well, according to a report in The Times (paywall), older people may be better suited for space travel and all of the G forces.

Flight times to Sydney:

  • Regular flight: 22 hours and 50 minutes with a stop

  • Concorde: record was 17 hours and three minutes with multiple stops for fuel

  • The future: two hours maybe direct via space

Imagine a future where you can be catching high tea in London and popping over to Sydney for a fun night out.