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Ladies, have you ever just wanted to escape from men for a week? SuperShe Island in Finland makes this dream a reality—if you're willing to shell out a couple paychecks, that is. This luxury retreat includes everything from plush accommodations to Finnish saunas to daily yoga and nutrition classes. There's just one important exclusion: men.…

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Chances are, if you're reading this, you've had the great fortune to pass through one of the three major airports that service New York City. We are being sarcastic, of course. JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark are consistently rated as three of the worst airports in the United States. We've attempted to objectively rank these airports…

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Looking to step up your usual Netflix binge session? Choose one of these travel shows and prepare yourself for some serious wanderlust! With humor, unique insights into other cultures, and inspiration into up-and-coming destinations, we’ve found the shows for you. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown There’s no way we could write this post without including the…

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When it comes to traveling, safety is on top of our priority list. And in today's world, we're constantly seeing crazy headlines come up on our TVs and newsfeeds as topics like terrorism, political unrest, & natural disasters continue to waltz their way across our screens. And with this much stress in our everyday lives,…

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by Jessica Bisesto Senior Editor Graffiti has a controversial history as some view it as art, and others consider it vandalism. Either way, there are many beautiful works of art around the world that are more than deserving of some attention. Whether politically charged, sentimental, or comical, street art is a form of freedom and…

Expired: Top 10 Solo Travel Destinations Around The World


by Jessica Bisesto Senior Editor As you know, we love to travel. Sometimes it's not possible to go with a friend, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring another destination! There are many cities where traveling alone can not only be safe and fun, but it can also be an incredibly eye opening experience. The…

Read more: 15 Incredible Waterfalls You Have To See For Yourself

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by Jessica Bisesto Senior Editor We know that TLC has a whole song about waterfalls, and encourages the audience to avoid chasing after them. We also know that there are some absolutely jaw-dropping waterfalls around the world that deserve a visit. Whether you're looking for a quiet cascade or thunderous rapids, these stunning waterfalls below…