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12-Day Tour of Thailand & China w/ Flights for $399!

Book Dates through 2024 on One of the Greatest-Value Deals Ever!

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There's almost no chance that you'll ever be able to book this deal for less than $399. A 12-day tour of China and Thailand including airfare would usually be valued at more than $3,000 per traveler.

Most of our deals are great, but with this one you're probably wondering how such low prices are even possible. The answer is mainly due to heavy government subsidies.

If these two countries and their ultra-famous sights are what you're interested in, then this is an ultra-cheap, comfortable way to go. There will almost certainly be a distinct government narrative, and you'll be shown what the guides want you to see, which is generally what you would want to see anyway — think Thai temples, the Great Wall, amazing street food, and all that great stuff.

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Travel Period

September 2022 - December 2024


  • Nationwide Cities


  • China
  • Thailand



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