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We Stand with Ukraine at TravelPirates

We've Compiled a List of Ways You Can Aid Ukraine from the US

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We at TravelPirates stand for openness, comradery, authenticity, and freedom: this is why we condemn Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine which is causing tragic consequences for the local population. We want to express our solidarity with all people who are victims and suffering from this disgraceful crime.

We wanted to find a way to contribute, and from today our teams will collect and provide our audience with information about humanitarian initiatives taking place both in Ukraine and those supporting refugees abroad.

We’ll share them on our social media channels and local portals in order to amplify the message and reach as many people as we can to support Ukrainians fleeing from war at home.

Please, spread the message of peace: every small action counts!

🤔 Looking for ways to help right now? We put together a list of ideas below that can be implemented from your home in the US. Since most of the organizations are based in and around Ukraine, much of what we came up with involves donation.


First and foremost, there are many organizations working around the clock to aid Ukraine in face of this unprovoked and unjustified attack on the Ukrainian people. Surely, many of you have already found meaningful ways to help, and we'd love to hear about them in the comments. But for those of you looking for ways to help within your means, this list is for you.

Donate to the World Central Kitchen

The WCK for short is serving thousands of meals to Ukrainians protecting their country at home, as well as Ukrainian refugees.

Donate to Help Refugees from Eastern Ukraine Get Out

HumanDoc is based in Poland and needs extensive funding for the long treks to Eastern Ukraine that they've been making to get children and elderly folks to a safe place in Warsaw, Poland.

Donate to the Ukrainian Free Press

The Kyiv Independent is working around the clock to keep the latest news from Ukraine available to the world.

Cat Lover? Donate to this Cat Cafe in Lviv, Ukraine

Donate to the Cat Cafe Lviv ,who've been remaining open throughout the unprovoked attack on their country. In reality, 50% of your donation to this Cat Café goes directly to the Ukrainian military.

Donate to the International Rescue Community

The IRC for short, this organization is on the ground supporting displaced children and families with vital supplies.

Donate to CARE

CARE is taking donations to help their mission of providing food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance to women, girls, families, and the elderly.

Make a Plan to Contact Your Congressional Representative

If news coverage decreases in the coming weeks, as it tends to do with ongoing events, reach out to your congressional representative and let them know Ukrainian freedom is much more valuable than saving a few cents on gas.

Donate to Doctors on the Ground in Ukraine

Donate to UNICEF and aid the lifesaving support they're sending to help children and families in Ukraine, particularly in the Eastern regions of the country.

These are just some of the ways we found to help better the situation in Ukraine — these aren't by any means the only ways to better the situation in Ukraine (or the world at that). Feel free to drop other ideas in the comments section, and we'll periodically update this post and others to include more ideas.