Travel to Space in a Balloon
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A Ticket of a Lifetime! Travel to Space in a Balloon

Pirates, how many of us when we were small and asked the question "what do you want to do when you grow up?" replied "astronaut"?

Space has always fascinated young and old, but certainly a journey into space only happens for a few lucky astronauts, trained for years ... until now?

In the last decade, several companies have launched into the space flight business for private citizens. Generally born from the wishes of great millionaires (Space X by Elon Musk, who, recently launched his first manned spacecraft to the International Space Station, but also Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson or Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos), they promise trips suitable only for the pockets of other millionaires like them.

To try to change things and make the incredible experience of space travel a little more democratic, there is a new company, Space Perspective.

The company promises to bring up to 8 people (plus the pilot) on a 6-hour journey that reaches the highest point 30km above the ground, at a more reasonable price than the competitors, however it is still about $125,000.


The means of transport is a sort of "space balloon", a pressurised capsule carried by a balloon that will allow it to reach the outer edge of the Earth's atmosphere, from where to look at our planet with new eyes.

The innovative feature should be that of comfort, something decidedly unusual for a journey through space: a large window and a transparent dome for a 360° view, no need for uncomfortable astronaut suits, there is even a bar, a bathroom, and don't forget the internet connection to post our extraordinary adventure live on social media!

It will take off from the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, and lands after 6 hours in the open sea, where a ship awaits to take you back to the mainland.

The first take-off, after the test ones, is scheduled for 2021.

How much is it? Even though the price is smaller than most, it still expensive at about $125,000.

If you are interested, you can already book on the Space Perspective website!