Tour Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia From Your Sofa
Barcelona, Sagrada Familia
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Take a Virtual Tour Of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia In Barcelona

While travel to Spain is not currently possible, you can now visit (virtually, of course) one of Barcelona's main attractions, La Sagrada Família, from the comfort of your sofa.


La Sagrada Família is the work of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudì, who famously designed some of the most beautiful buildings and parks in Barcelona. La Sagrada Família, however, was his greatest and most ambitious work, to which he devoted the last decades of his life, dying in 1926 before ever completing it. In fact, the church is still not finished!

What we see today is an incomplete building compared to the original project, which provided for an even taller and more imposing structure. This is why cranes have been omnipresent around the church for several decades!

The church, which they began building in 1882, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other works by the architect, such as Parc Güell. The next time you are in Barcelona, we recommend checking out the real deal. Until then, enjoy the virtual tour!

Note: it is possible to click on the link from a smartphone, but to fully enjoy the experience, we recommend that you do it from a tablet or even better, from a computer.