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The World's Most Beautiful Cafes

Here You Will Enjoy the Best Coffee!

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Do you like the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? How good coffee tastes after a meal, too! And if you drink your coffee in a special place, the whole process of preparing and tasting it becomes a real ceremony. If you like good coffee as much as we do, you can't miss these cafes. We've selected for you a selection of places from around the world where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee in an incredible atmosphere.


  • Budapest
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Vienna
  • Barcelona
  • Prague
  • Bangkok
  • Porto
  • Paris
  • Hanoi
  • Venice
  • Lisbon
  • Seoul
  • Amsterdam
  • Mexico City
  • Madrid


New York Cafe, Budapest

By many, it is called the most beautiful cafe in the world. It was built in an eclectic Italian Renaissance style and opened in 1894. The menu of the café refers to the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.


Literary Cafe, Saint Petersburg

It is a historic restaurant that dates back to the early 19th century. It was visited by famous writers of Russian literature, including Alexander Pushkin and Fyodor Dostoevsky. It is located on two floors and preserves the old traditions of St. Petersburg. Its decor will take guests back to the old days: crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings, a pearl piano on the first floor, and on Sundays, you can listen to live music here. At the entrance to the café, there is a giant bear, and you can also meet Alexander Pushkin as if he were alive - his incredibly realistic wax figure stands here. Guests can order "The Poet's Menu," which consists of soup with stuffed cabbage, breaded chicken breast with cranberry sauce, and dessert of stuffed plums with apples stewed in vanilla and vanilla ice cream.


Café Central, Vienna

Founded in 1860, this Viennese coffee house was for many years the heart of European culture. Many famous people could be met here, including Sigmund Freud, the revolutionary Lev Trotsky, the painter Gustav Klimt or the composer Gustav Mahler. The café boasts Venetian architecture from the Trecento era.


Els Quatre Gats, Barcelona

Founded in 1897, it is famous for being the center of cultural and artistic life. It is housed in a modernist building and was inspired by the Parisian cafe "Le Chat Noir" .

Kavárna Obecní dům, Prague

Prague is a city of cafes, and coffee here is pure poetry. Kavárna Obecní dům (City House) is one of the best coffee houses in the world for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and decor. A place frequented by artists, poets, and musicians, it has a deep appreciation for art. You can also book a private tour of one of the rooms in this breathtaking building.


The Lhong Tou Café, Bangkok

As you can see in the picture, this is a café with a unique design. You can go for coffee and a snack on the lower or upper floor.


Majestic Café, Porto

Founded in 1921 by architect João Queiroz, this café is one of the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau in Porto. Its marble facade and beautiful florals are worth a look.


Le Procope, Paris

Le Procope is the oldest café in Paris - it was founded in the late 17th century! Many influential personalities such as Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, and Thomas Jefferson have met here. The café offers traditional French cuisine, and you can hide away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the small charming terrace.


Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires

Decorated in a French style, Cafe Tortoni was founded in 1858. Be sure to order the chocolate churros with your coffee, and then head to its basement, where it is a stage for jazz and tango artists, as well as frequent literary contests.

The Note Coffee, Hanoi

A visit to this coffee shop must end on a positive note - that is its mission. Guests leave positive messages or messages on sticky notes. As for us - a charming place on the map of Vietnam.

Caffè Florian, Venice

It is not only the longest-running coffee shop in Italy; but also the oldest coffee shop in the world! It was founded in 1720 and is located in St. Mark's Square. Extremely elegant - coffee is served on silver trays. You can feel the vibrant life of Venice and a whiff of history.


Café A Brasileira, Lisbon

Open since 1905 and since then one of the most famous cafes in Lisbon. It is well-known for its modernist style, Brazilian coffee, and Bica, a strong coffee similar to espresso.


Cafe Yeonnam-Dong 223-14 (Greem Cafe), Seoul

A two-dimensional cafe, it looks like something out of a comic book. Everything inside-from the chairs to the tables and decorations-is in black and white and looks like it was drawn in pencil. Pastel prints and frothed milk in the coffee add color. The owners of J.S. Lee Café were inspired by pop culture, specifically Korean cartoons and... Instagram.

Café 't Papeneiland, Amsterdam

The cafe became famous when Bill Clinton visited to sample its delicious apple pie. The current building dates back to 1642. There used to be a Catholic church nearby, which was connected to the café by a tunnel. The entrance to it still exists in the basement of the café. Papeneiland is a typical Dutch "brown café" famous for its coziness, brown walls, chandeliers, and the display of beautiful Delft plates and tiles.

Cafebrería El Péndulo, Mexico City

This unusual place is not only a cafe but also a bookstore and partly even a forest. You will find several locations of this chain in the city; the most stunning and biggest cafes are located in the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods and occupy two floors of former mansions in the traditional art deco style. The San Angel location is also one you shouldn't miss with three stories location and having a giant palm tree stretching across all of them.

Source: TripAdvisor

Café Gijón, Madrid

Founded in 1888 after the Spanish Civil War. Since then, it has been a meeting place for intellectuals, writers, and artists. It is on the main boulevard Paseo de Recoletos, opposite the train station. Whether on the terrace or in a cozy corner inside, you can feel the atmosphere of a "literary cafe" here.