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Quebec City: A Haven for Winter Activities

Slide Through This City Center On A Toboggan Or Visit An Entire Hotel Made of Ice!

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Quebec City is like no other spot in North America. Its winding narrow streets and stone buildings are sure to make you feel like you've traveled overseas to Europe rather than over the Canadian border.

When visiting Quebec City, particularly in the winter season, you'll be provided with endless activities fit for all ages. Hurtle down the world-famous toboggan run in front of Château Frontenac, pay a visit to a hotel and bar made entirely of ice, or warm up with some tasty crepes along with the Quebec origin dish, poutine.

Below I share my personal experience in Quebec City and a few recommendations on what to do and where to go while visiting.

Travel Period

February 2022 - March 2022


I visited Quebec City back in February 2019, and found it to be a fantastic time to explore! From January to late March, there are so many activities to take part in. Canadians truly know how to make the best out of the snowy weather.

Terrasse Dufferin Toboggan Run

When I first arrived in Quebec City, I took an exhilarating zip down this toboggan run and it only cost me a little over $3. There's also an option to pay $10 for four consecutive runs and even pair your trip with a warm and delicious cup of hot cocoa for just a bit extra.

Sophie, Coderre Image of Terrasse Dufferin

Hôtel de Glace

The following day, I visited the famous Hotel de Glace. A stay here is truly a bucket-list experience and I've seen rates as low as $312 per night. When I visited, I bought just a day pass for just $30, I explored many open guest rooms, slipped down an icy slide, and even stopped to have a chilled drink at the bar from cups carved out of ice.

Sophie, Coderre Images at Hotel de Glace

Ice Skating

There are many spots where you can go ice skating within the walls of Quebec City. Though I didn't have the time to stop at Pointe-aux-Lièvres and skate through an illuminated mile-long trail overlooking the city, I definitely want to add this experience to my next visit. Plaines d'Abraham, an ice ring surrounding a historical battlefield is another great place to skate. Or you can venture over to Mega Parc, a large indoor amusement park where there is an indoor skating trail.

Old Quebec City

Vieux-Quebec made me feel like I had traveled back in time to a storybook location. I recommend exploring this beautiful historic Quebec City region by foot or by riding up and/or down the funiculaire ($3.75 one way) to get the best views. When visiting the upper part of Old Quebec, I had made a brief stop at the Citadelle. Though I missed the changing of the guards, it was still a great experience and housed some spectacular views. After exploring the maze-like cobblestone streets and witnessing the many incredible ice sculptures designed for Carnival — a massive event that takes place in Quebec in early February, I popped into a few cafes, shops, and restaurants. I encourage everyone to stop and grab some poutine, a Quebec-inspired and personal favorite dish consisting of french fries, gravy, and curd cheese.

Sophie, Coderre Old Quebec City

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