Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland
Panorama Glass Lodge

Stay in a Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland—Unobstructed Northern Light Views!

Ever dreamed of lying in bed, looking up and watching one of the greatest natural spectacles LIVE? Well, at the Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland, you can do exactly that! Here you will have a clear view of the Northern Lights directly from the comfort of the accommodation!


An overnight stay in one of the three chalets is a truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll sleep underneath the stars, with only glass separating you from the nature that surrounds the chalet.

Cuddled up in a warm bed, you can watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets or, with a little luck, even watch the Northern Lights - sounds incredible, right?

If you're worried about the lack of privacy due to the glass walls, don't be. Each of the Tiny Houses are located in the middle of nature, with a sufficient distance between them.

There is space for two people inside the houses, making it the perfect cozy getaway. The accommodations are equipped with a bed, a bathroom and a kitchen with a dining area. There is also a whirlpool waiting for you outside!

For a night in the glass chalet you can expect to pay around $352 ($176 pp). During the high season (autumn and winter) about $496 ($248 pp) or more per night. The minimum stay is 2 nights.

The chalets at Panorama Glass Lodge were the first of its kind to allow you to enjoy the sky and the surroundings from your bed under glass. The accommodations have been bookable since December 2017.

Want more information about the chic Chalets? Click here for the website of the Panorama Glass Lodge.