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OMG! Stay in the Cottage that Inspired 'The Holiday' 😍 🎬

Jude Law Not Included 🤷‍♀️

from $334

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Caitlin Moore·12/22/2022

Pirates, the cottage that inspired 'The Holiday' has just landed on Airbnb and it's available to book now - grab your suitcase and get ready to drag it dramatically through the countryside!


Although the cottage from the film was actually a set, the inspiration for it came from this exact quanisential English cottage in Surrey, and now, you can experience a stay in it, too.

The interior is actually a lot bigger (there are 3 bedrooms and it can sleep up to 5 people), but the design and features are very similar to that of the cottage in the film - rustic kitchen, big open fire place and wood beams.

Relax by the fire (or drink a bottle of wine and scream Mr. Brightside at the top of your lungs).

The kitchen even has the same colour scheme as the one in the film!

Picture yourself here with a tray of snacks, wearing your hat and scarf.

And, of course, enjoy cute local pubs within walking distance.

5 people can stay here from $334 a night wtih a minimum of two nights needed to be booked. However, this price point does not include Airbnb taxes and fees, bringing the total price to $894 for a two night stay. Split between the maximum number of five guests who can stay, you're looking at around $89 per person, per night.

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