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Megabus Tickets from $1 on Dozens of Routes

Long-Distance Routes Also Included in Sale (E.g. NYC-Toronto)

from $1

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Let's face it, Megabus isn't always our favorite way to travel. But on a lot of routes it's the main option, and on many more it's the cheapest. So when we see bus tickets for $1 on routes that would cost more than $100 to fly, drive, or the train on, you know we're gonna let you know!

Travel Period

August 2022 - December 2022


  • United States
  • Canada


$1 (plus $3.99 booking fee) tickets are available on many of the Megabus US routes — even on long routes like New York City to Toronto. Check our example below and head to Megabus website to find more routes.

The cities Megabus serves:

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