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Israel Will Reopen to International Tourism

Israel Plans to Reopen to Vaccinated Tourists

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On May 23, after more than a year's closure, Israel will reopen its borders with a phased approach. Priority for entry will be given to organized groups, according to the guidelines of the local Ministry of Health in agreement with the Ministry of Tourism, and secondly to individual travelers. Read on to learn more!


In the first stage, organized groups will be admitted, initially in a small number which will be gradually increased. Individual travelers will be admitted in the second leg, which is planned for July.

Arrival will require a PCR test before boarding the plane, in addition to a serological test to confirm vaccination. Israel is also discussing vaccine-certificate validation that would replace the need for serological testing.

An extremely efficient vaccination campaign is underway in Israel, and more than half of the country has already received the full dose of the vaccine. Israel could be the first country that opens to international tourism with such a large number of its own citizens already vaccinated, and other countries could use Israel as an example of how to get international travel back on track!