Check Out Iceland's New Lagoon
Iceland Sky Lagoon

Check Out Iceland's New Lagoon—Floating Bar, Ocean Views & Northern Lights!

In Iceland, it isn't hard to find some of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Thanks to Instagram and influencers, the most well-known currently is the Blue Lagoon - a geothermal SPA with turquoise water. Soon, however, strong competition will begin in Iceland, with the opening of the Sky Lagoon.


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The grand opening of Sky Lagoon took place this spring. The lagoon is complete with a floating bar, a 76-yard infinity pool with views straight to the Atlantic Ocean, and even the possibility to witness the northern lights.

Photo: skylagoon.com

This exciting new bucket-list item is located just a few minutes from Reykjavik, in the town of Kársnes. Icelanders certainly love to relax in geothermal waters, which is why there is no shortage of projects similar to this.

Photo: skylagoon.com

Sky Lagoon has been designed to blend perfectly into the landscape, with architectural elements resembling traditional peat houses of Iceland.

Photo: skylagoon.com

In addition to the attractions mentioned above, the lagoon will also include a cold pool, sauna, bar, restaurant and shop. If you want to know more about this project, take a look at Sky Lagoon website.

Photo: skylagoon.com